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Whether you are just starting out or you are about to push from a 7-figure business to an 8-figure business, Cone is tailored to your needs. 


That's why our pricing varies from business to business and we need to have a quick chat to assess what you need and how we can help. 


Request an introduction call below and book a time that works best for you.


We hate not having an indication of price when we're looking for a service though, so as a minimum for our packages, our monthly fees start at £175 plus VAT. 

Looking for monthly bookkeeping for your business as well?

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Need more employees for your payroll? Add more employees to any plan in bundles of 5.
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Manage your accounts online. We train and guide you on how to use the tools for your business
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Cone have given me an excellent business foundation which means I can spend time working on growing my business and not with my head in a spreadsheet. I would (and do!) recommend them to anyone who has a creative business. They do hard work so you can spend your time being creative.
— Laura Turner of Hero Stores


Can I cancel at anytime?

Your accounting proposal asks for a 1 month notice period to allow us to wrap any last pieces of work needed to do and help with any handover that you might require. You are not tied into any super long contracts. They're so 2008.

I have multiple businesses. Can you do multiple accounting plans?

Yes, let us know during the Introduction call and we can put together a package just for you as we discount multi-business plans.

I'm part way through my tax year. Can we still work together now?

Absolutely - we help you transition from your current accountant if you have one and get the you up and running. Depending on how far you are during your tax year, there might be a mid-year catch up or a minimum term applied so we can bring any backlog work up to date for you. Ask us during your discovery call and we can go go through your circumstances and make sure you get all the details.


Do I need to be local?

Our accounting packages are available for businesses all over the UK. Some we've never even met face to face! Technology is our passion and we utilise the Zoom, Slack and email with most of our clients on a day to day basis. 

more questions?

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Accounting is currently only available for businesses in the United Kingdom. Outside of the UK? Check out our bookkeeping packages.