19 Ways You Can Charge Your Energy To Increase Joy At The Weekend (part 2)

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We had so much to share in our first blog post looking at how to recharge over the weekend: ‘19 Ways You Can Charge Your Energy To Increase Joy At The Weekend (Pt 1)’ that we had to make this one a two-parter.

Kicking off with the shower...

Make the shower the main event. Wine. Essential oils. Body scrubs. Music.

Yep take that shower you would typically rush and slow it down…

We personally love this shower speaker where you can listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks. Add essential oils and use the body washes that make you feel good. You can even get in-shower wine glass holders on Amazon; I mean what a great invention. My point is to enjoy it. See it as an experience, not just something you have to do.

Make your home smell good. Use the scents. Bake. Clean. Diffuse. Smudge.

Yes, let's get those high vibe scents going. We are taking baking, cleaning, diffusing essential oils, smudging with sage or incense sticks. Whatever feels natural to you. You want your home to be your calming a peaceful oasis. This is such a great way to recharge and reset as you can introduce sensory cues. For example, you can use lavender in your bedroom to promote sleep; you can use something like eucalyptus and peppermint in your bathroom to help clear your senses you can use rosemary and sweet orange in your work area. The whole idea is that as you move from room to room, you know the function and how you are meant to feel. Sensory cues can help you wake up easier and fall to sleep faster.

Download. Download your thoughts onto paper.

I know, shocking that I am mentioning journaling again, but journaling is such a powerful tool to use both in business and lifestyle. For working through problems in identifying what makes you tick. Downloading is so simple. You are downloading all that is on your mind to feel clearer. Think of it as a mental clean. Just as you would your desk or your kitchen. Get down all your to-do list, things that you are loving right now, things that are bothering you, your goals. Do it and feel the instant relief.

Embrace your mornings.

It is so easy to let the morning pass you by when its the weekend. There is no real urgency to do anything. But book something in on one of your mornings. If you are feeling productive, this could be a mind mapping session at your local coffee shop, or you could have a breakfast date. You still have the rest of the day to relax or do something else. But take back your mornings or at least one of them.

Recharge with people.

Sometimes you just need to be around your loved ones. It doesn’t need to be a huge fancy affair in fact, if you are looking for a recharge you should be spending the time with people who you can be yourself around. Where you can fully relax. Nights in with friends can be severely underrated.

Recharge alone.

But do not forget to recharge alone too. Spend some time doing whatever it is that YOU need. Whether that is, be it reading a book, taking a walk, binge watching a series. For someone like me, I love to see my friends and do things. It helps boost my energy, but I have to ‘recharge’ alone. I need my time to do things at my own pace. The work that I do includes sharing a lot of mind food, so I personally need to spend some time to up my mind food intake, continuing my own self-development and knowledge.

Get your weekend back and use Thursday nights as ‘chore’ nights.

Get your weekend back and ensure all deadlines and ‘chores’ are done. People tend to spend their weekend running errands which in turn makes them tired and feeling like they have had no weekend at all. Have a list of things that you want to do before the weekend starts, make sure you space is clean, and you will feel so much better for it.

Now we know you cannot do everything on this list and part one, but it is crucial to spend some time at the weekend recharging. You owe it to yourself. You owe it your business, your clients, your staff. You got this.

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