4 Applications To Better Yourself

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We took a look at 4 popular apps that are meant to improve your life and well-being and put them to the test. We were quite happy with the results...

App Name: Blinkist

Purpose: To summarise popular books into small digestible bites

Rating: 4/5

Why the rating? I think that the idea is great and it is very user-friendly. There have been a couple of popular book titles that have not been on there, so that's the only reason they lose a point!

What we love: The option to read the blinks or to listen to them on an audible version.

Blinkist is an app that allows you to listen to a summary of a book. Now, of course, this isn't the same as reading the book, but we love it as it allows you to learn something new in a shorter amount of time. Being entrepreneurs, time and money are both very precious to us. Blinkist allows you to learn something new and get a feel for a book, and then you can go and buy the book to read the full version if you do not like the content however it allows you to save time and money reading the book. Another great way Blinkist helps us out is if we need to know the gist of something quickly.

App Name: Grid Diary

Purpose: To organise and keep track of your thoughts

Rating: 3/5

Why the rating? The app is good, and I only give it a 3/5 as it requires a commitment to see results whereas the other apps on the list require little time. However, this will work for you if you like the idea of journalling out your thoughts but prefer a paperless version.

What we love: The option to move around your grid so that it's tailored to your life, but it also gives some great prompts, our personal favourite grid is the option to pick a 'word of the day' to bring focus and meaning to your daily lives.

Grid is a relatively new app to us, but so far we love it, and can absolutely see the benefits of keeping track of your days. With mindfulness and wellness at the forefront of our minds Grid gives us a nudge to be productive and achieve something out of our days. I also love how it can pick you up after what feels like an unproductive day, you see with the questions it prompts you to think about the good in your day, even if the day didn't go quite to plan. I think the app is very user-friendly and has a simple easy to use layout, however as I said in regards to the rating it does require a time investment from you.

App name: Productive

Purpose: To track habits and hold you accountable for completing them.

Rating: 5/5

Why the rating? So far, we have no complaints. For a one off fee of £3.99 you can upgrade to pro, we appreciate the one off fee instead of a monthly cost.

What we love: Easy swipe functions, e.g. 'pull down to add' or 'swipe right for done'. 

Working out, drinking water, going to bed at a suitable time, meditation and taking care of yourself. All things you probably want to do but often neglect, after all, you have a lot on your plate, right? A habit tracker can add an incentive to these daily habits. With the gamification aspect of the app, your mindset changes and you do not view these tasks as chores. The habit prompts are very useful; they consist of things such as watering the plants, going for a walk and making your bed in the morning. These habits may seem small but have positive effects on your quality of life.

App Name: Calm

Purpose: Guided meditation

Rating: 5/5

Why the rating? It was a 4/5 until the app updated. So that you can close your phone and still have the sound playing, bringing it up to a 5/5!

What we love: The library of sounds that can help you meditate, focus and be calm.

Calm is an app that helps with breathing, meditation and sleep. They start you off with a free 7 days of calm programme and have an array of different programmes to help you with sleep, stress, anxiety and much more. We love how you can select different programs depending on your needs. In moments of high stress, you can quickly choose the breathing button to calm you back down. Overall it's an excellent app which is very user-friendly.

So overall, all 4 apps received a positive review. I think all of the apps require a little time investment but in the long run will give a better payoff. I love how each app helps you grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. Even if you just adopt one of these apps into your daily routine, you will be better for it.

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