4 Natural Stimulants To Help You Be Your Best

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Don’t get us wrong; coffee is great!  However, recently we have been looking into other natural stimulants that can help you get through those mornings when you just need a boost! After trying number one on our list (and it proved very effective), we are keen to try more! First, however, a little disclaimer: We are not dieticians, and you should always consult your doctor before changing your diet!

Mate Tea

Mate Tea is famous for having all the benefits of coffee, without the crash. You read that right, without the crash! It is something that has become quite popular in the Cone office. Our Marketing Manager Chloe was so impressed that she has written a whole blog post about the benefits, check it out.

Find out more about Mate here.

Cacao Nibs or Powder

Cacao contains natural energising stimulants and is rich in antioxidants! Cacao is great for adding flavour to your energy balls or smoothies and is also known to increase your metabolism and kerb hunger pains! Fewer hunger pains? Sign us up!

Find out more about Cacao here.


Maca comes in the form of a powder or a capsule and increases energy, stamina and mood and really, let’s face it, apart from time, these are the 3 things that every driven entrepreneur wants and needs most. We are logging into Amazon ASAP.

Find out more about Maca here.


Ginseng is meant to give the same quick fix as coffee with extra added benefits. You can consume ginseng in the form of a powder, tea, or a pill! I think we will try the powder method to avoid tea overload!

Find out more about Ginseng here.

I think next on the list is to stock the Cone office with some handmade energy balls filled with Cacao nibs! What are your thoughts? Loyal to coffee or are you up for trying something new? Let us know if you do and tag us on Instagram!  

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About the author

Ben Nacca is an accountant but is nothing like the stereotype you have visualised in your mind! He has worked in the accounting industry for almost a decade and is CEO here at Cone.

Ben loves travelling the world, playing video games and playing his acoustic guitar whenever he finds the time between spending time with his two chihuahuas, Hugo and Pablo!