6 Focus Promoting Work Spots In Barcelona That Will Make You Smile

6 Focus Promoting Work Spots In Barcelona That Will Make You Smile.png

It is no secret that Barcelona is a beautiful place, full of cosy cafes down tiny side streets.


But when you come here as a remote worker, you see it from an entirely different view than when you were a tourist.


Of course, those cafes are beautiful, but suddenly wifi is a factor to think about.


The comfort of your chair is something to think about.


The menu becomes something to think about (you know from our coffee shop etiquette post we like to order plentiful).


We also, as you will know from our post 'What I discovered from remote working in Beautiful Barcelona' that we also travelled with our pet dog, Hugo. He is a significant part of our work and lifestyle; naturally, we needed to add one more thing into the mix: to ensure that the place was dog-friendly.


So that right there is a pretty tall order. There is only one location on this list that does not allow dogs, but we opted to go there when it got too hot for Hugo to leave the apartment in the middle of the day.


So without further a due, let's jump into the 6 focus promoting work spots in Barcelona that will make you smile.





The vibe: Very Zen. Relaxed and yet focused vibe.


Mailuna was one of my favourite places to hide out for hours on end.


Not only did they serve an array of teas but they burnt incense, Palo Santo wood and had a water feature to promote calm and focus.


I loved the vibe there, and it was excellent for when you wanted to produce some more creative or focused work.


Everyone is so friendly there. I love how the user experience is heightened by the ‘tea tubes’. These tubes are effectively the tea menu. Each tube contains a different tea. The tubes are a very tactile experience that allows you to smell, see and feel the tea before you taste it.


It made me smile every time I went there as there is something so special about working on a project that you love over a nice pot of tea.


The music at Mailuna replicates the vibe of the rest of the establishment. Very calming. Another added bonus of Mailuna is that there are health and wellness classes available, as well as massages and spiritual healing. These offerings meant that it was more accessible than ever to practice a work, life and wellness blend!





The vibe: an energetic vibe. Louder music.


Llop was super near to our apartment so offered a quick getaway option for when we need to have a change of scenery.


Llop had more of an energetic vibe. They served edgy food (I had to make my own guacamole with the pestle and mortar that they gave me).


Part of Llop is sectioned off as it is a co-working space. Due to this, it meant we had a secure and reliable wifi connection.


Llop had a vast range of drink options, whether that is for your morning cold brew or an evening glass of blush rosé. I cannot lie to you; I was partial to both.



La Federal


The vibe: Alternative but chic.


La Federal is a very cool place to work from. Their menu is very clear and offers something for everyone. I was in love with their vegan milkshakes.


The thing that made me smile was the seating options. I loved the 'window seat' which was quite literally a seat instead of a window. There was also designated coworking tables which made me smile as it was a lovely working 'hive' type vibe.





The vibe: Casual but current.


Also owned by the creators of Llop. This place is one of the larger places

My favourite area is the ‘library’. The library is an elevated part of the cafe which has been designed to look like an old-fashioned library. With leather seats, low lighting and books.


It made me smile as there were so many little areas in which you could sit and work that were so aesthetically pleasing, including an outside area, an area with marble tables and plants and of course the bar area.


Soho House


The vibe: City Summer.


Soho House is only open to members and hotel guests, but if you get the chance to visit I would strongly advise you do. There are so many areas that are lovely to work in. There is the member's area, the rooftop and our personal favourite the poolside day beds.


Watching the sunrise, from a daybed, while eating breakfast and working was a highlight that made me smile.


The only downside was that Hugo had to stay at home.




The vibe: Professional but casual.


Again this does require a members fee, but wow will it make you smile. The rooftop seating area has views of the city, including Sagrada La Familia.


Pair this with lovely open area hotspot seating; you will find yourself more productive than ever before. Your membership also includes free tea, coffee, brunch on a Monday as well as other members perks.



So, that rounds up my favourite places to work, when working remote in Barcelona. I strongly suggest that you do something like this if you have the chance. It is great for changing up your scenery, which does wonders for your productivity!


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