7 Awesome Apps For Your Business

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Small businesses are relying more and more on technology, with a vast majority of these available on your laptop, phone and tablet so you can continue on the go. Here, we list 8 apps that are perfect for helping you to run your business more easily, efficiently and effectively. 

Disclaimer: Where applicable, we’ve listed a link to a discount or a promo code to the paid versions of these apps. We don’t get paid for this but sometimes we might get a reciprocal benefit from doing this. However, we use all of these apps ourselves within Cone Accounting, and they really do make a difference in how we work, as well as our clients.

Canva - good graphic design can be expensive for a new business, but perhaps you’re not too bad at designing yourself. Canva makes this really easy as it happens right in your browser or on your phone or tablet and you can create beautiful graphics really easily. These can be customised and adjusted to suit your needs, and there are also loads of templates if you get stuck. Canva starts off as a free product as well, but you can upgrade to Canva for Work which will store your brand colours, logo and let you add team members to the mix as well. This is the tool to see your brand. 

Charlie HR - this is a recent tool we have come across and so far we are very impressed. Charlie HR is a must for any small business with employees and best of all; it’s completely free. You can invite your employees where they can request and track their holiday and sick leave; you can enter key dates like 3-month probations or work anniversaries, and you can store important information securely, like previous P45, Passport and other ID. It also works with payroll so you can keep a record of the salary your employees are on and when it was last increased. There seems to be no upper limit either as you can create teams and team managers to help make the HR task much more manageable. We’re waiting for a Xero Payroll integration for it to be 10/10 perfect!

Xero - beautiful accounting software and one that all of our clients use. Xero helps you to keep on top of your business and keeps all your financial data in one place. From your sales revenue to your overheads, inventory to your outstanding debts, this is the tool to help grow your business. You can sync your bank account, so it pulls through all your transactions and Xero integrates with a host of other software add-ons to make it even more functional. Being able to see the monthly figures of your business is invaluable and is essential to running, and growing, a successful business. We offer Xero packages which include setup and training so if you haven’t made the move yet then feel free to contact us here.

Typeform - we love Typeform - it’s super easy to use, and that’s exactly what you want when you are asking a potential customer to fill out a quote or an existing customer for some feedback. You want to make it as engaging and pain-free as possible, and Typeform does exactly this. You can customise and tailor the entire process, and these can then be linked to or embedded anywhere on your website. It’ll notify you when someone has completed the form and then it’s over to you! We actually have a 10% off code for Typeform which you get for life - just follow this link to activate it. 

Receipt Bank - we would still be receiving shoeboxes of receipts if it wasn’t for Receipt Bank. This app lets you take photos of your receipts, purchase invoices, etc. and extracts the data. It then pushes these into your bookkeeping platform, such as Xero or Quickbooks, to then be reconciled against your bank account. Bearing in mind it takes around 2-3 minutes to enter a receipt manually, not to mention how dull that process is, this not only saves time but your sanity as well. It also helps you go paperless as you can bin those receipts when you’ve taken a photo. Also, those electronic invoices can be forwarded straight to a unique email address so no need to print them out either. Get in touch here if you want to find out more about Receipt Bank pricing - we offer free training and setup on this too. 

Slack - this is a great tool for internal teams. Slack is a messaging app as well as a collaboration tool. You can create channels which act as different hubs. We have one for sales, marketing, queries, fun, etc. so your staff can then post in the relevant channel. Not only does this help with team bonding and interaction but it helps get things done. Rather than writing Post-it notes or getting up to talk to another person at their desk, they can just ping a message over to them effortlessly. We’ve found Slack to really help us organise meetings as well. 

Slack is completely free, but you can use this link to get a discount if you want to upgrade to the paid plans, which have more features and integrations. 

HelloSign - if you need documents electronically signed that are legally binding then look no further than HelloSign. We’ve found HelloSign to be really easy to use when sending out important documents that we need our clients to sign. It doesn’t break the bank either at just $15 per month. It’s useful if you send out documents each month and you can also create templates for any contracts, Non-disclosure agreements or quotes that you’d like to be signed as well. 

What apps do you find useful? Why not show us how you are using them and tag us on Instagram

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