8 Powerful Habits To Adopt

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We all have habits. Some good. Some bad. But habits, either way have huge effects on our lives. Although they may seem small they build up really big! So here are 8 (great) habits to help you create a happier life.

Speed Learning

Expand your existing knowledge as quickly and as effectively as possible. Essentially look at the easiest and quickest way to get from 'A' to 'B'.

Ways you can do this:

- Blinkist
- Aim to read 10-15 pages of a non-fiction book per day
- Get the headlines, get the main headlines and trending topics sent straight to your inbox- even better if they are tailored to your industry.


Visualisation is a good way to plan and achieve your goals as well as progress with existing products and projects.

Ways you can do this:

- Apps
- Youtube
- Books


Prioritising is not a new thing but how you approach it could be. Think about how your energy levels, how much time you have and deadlines.

Ways you can do this:

- Code your to-do list by the energy levels, difficulty, deadlines and a rough time estimate
- Find what works best for you whether that be pen and paper or in digital form


For most people. Managing their finances doesn't come easily. It seems to be that monster under the bed and it feels very real. The best advice I can give you here is to get a system sorted, we love the combo of Xero and Receipt Bank. And an excellent accountant obvs...

Ways you can do this:

- Keep an eye on your finances via the Xero App
- Snap every business expense receipt immediately with Receipt Bank.

Work To Your Body Clock

Some people will tell you to get up early. However, this isn't something I would necessarily say is the best thing to do. You should be working with your body not against it. Find out what times you work best, perhaps keep a rough diary for a week and see where and when you work the best. For example, if 3pm is the time where you feel sluggish take a walk at 3pm. The chances are that time is going to recharge you and allow you to be more focused when you return.

Ways you can do this:

- Keep a diary of your most productive hours
- Match your tasks to your energy levels

Have A Goal Setting Process

How do you set your goals? How specific are your goals? How are you being held accountable for reaching them? Write them down, meditate to find out what you truly want, get a coach, ask your accountant how they can help you- utilise your support network!

Ways you can do this:

- Have regular check-ins with yourself
- Have an accountant or a coach that can hold you accountable


Meditation. It's no secret that we are huge fans of mediation. We love how there are so many forms of this great mindful practice and how they can fit around your day.

Ways you can do this:

- There are some awesome apps that you can download that can help you get meditation into your day. One of our personal favs is the Calm app.
- Identify times in your schedule where you think you will benefit most from mediation


Journalling can help you keep focus and it can help you track habits, goals, daily tasks all in one place. We love journalling so much we have written a post all about it, which you can find here.

Ways you can do this:

- Invest in some cool stationary and get inspired
- Search on Pinterest to get some ideas on how to start- there are also some great examples on Instagram!

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About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.