8 Terrific Tips For Deeper, More Fantastic Sleep

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Sleep. It is such a big and important part of our lives but often neglected in many entrepreneurs lives. Even after you have realised the seriousness of sleep it isn’t always that easy to drift into a deep sleep bliss. So we have 8 tips and tricks that will help you fall asleep.

Sleep Well App

Ok, I will not lie to you, I am a little obsessed with this app! I do love a guided meditation but this is the first app that I have used that does exactly what it claims; to put you into a deep relaxation which is shortly followed by sleep. This is perfect for long periods of sleep, or you can opt for a power nap and be naturally woken by the app too. I honestly was very pleasantly surprised once I tried this app.


It's no secret that yoga has many benefits. I started the habit of completing a mini no-sweat night time yoga sequence before bed and felt a genuine difference. I particularly found the ‘Viparita Karani’ pose very helpful, but there are many ideas on Pinterest and Youtube. 

Pillow Spray

Sprayed directly on your pillow for some deep relaxation, this something that I do most nights. Whether it is the scent on my pillow or the ritual of doing it, pillow spray is a significant factor in getting a good nights sleep.

Essential oil diffuser

Similar to the pillow spray an essential oil diffuser will fill your room with sleep-enhancing scents such as lavender. Instead of a concentrated amount, it will leave a soft scent in the room. Turn on your diffuser an hour before bedtime and make sure you turn it off before you go to sleep. However, many diffusers now come with inbuilt timers and will turn themselves off after a certain amount of time. 

Epsom Salts

Pop them in your bath and feel your muscles relax! If you are feeling extra fancy, pop in some lavender flowers, pink Himalayan salts and some baking powder to turn your bathtub into a detox bath!

Turn Off

An hour before bed turn off laptops, phones, iPads. Do something for you, perhaps meditate, take a relaxing shower or read. Turn off your electronics and turn off your racing mind! 

Chamomile Tea 

It is, of course, no revelation that chamomile tea is a great stress busting and sleep enhancing beverage. However, it did, of course, have to make my list, because, in my opinion as a tea lover it really does help. Here’s an extra tip - pack chamomile tea bags on your next flight and ask for some hot water to make chamomile tea on the go!

Sleep Shower Gel

Not a bath person? Only have enough time (or strength) for a shower? Not to worry! Use a shower gel that will calm and relax you, something like this one from This Works. Filled with chamomile and lavender the perfect pair to help you get a great nights sleep. 

Do you have any other sleep-inducing tips? Let us know and tag us on Instagram!


About the author

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