8 Things You Need To Know When You Date An Entrepreneur

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So if you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are in a relationship with an entrepreneur or you are an entrepreneur. Or maybe both!


After getting many a looks of judgement while on the phone at lunch, we thought we would write this fun guide of 'how to date an entrepreneur'. It is meant to be a light-hearted post with an element of truth...


In this post, we are going to dive into the things you can expect when you are in a relationship with an entrepreneur.


Ok, so I have to tackle the big one first, the phone!



The Phone


When we go out for lunch, I can just FEEL the judgement. People staring like, “how are you two on your phones and out on a ‘date’.” Well, to be honest, there is a good chance this is not a ‘date’ in the traditional sense of the word. When we are on a real date, we, of course, do have our phone out (a little less) but if you see us out for lunch on a weekday, there's a good chance we are grabbing together before our next meeting.


This setup is, believe it or not, actually more of a blend than you may think. Our phones may be out, but we are not taking calls. You get to see your significant other at lunchtime, which is something to be grateful for in itself and we get to have some tasty food. It sounds like a win-win to me.


My point is, you never know what one day will look like from the next, so it is important to embrace those lunch 'dates' even if it may mean replying to an email or two.

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The Conversations


When you date an entrepreneur, you better be ready for the conversation shifts. You will be talking about business, thought leaders and compelling content you have come across. There may even be some light-hearted debates.

Of course, this conversation shift doesn’t mean that it is all you talk about, but when you both are so invested in personal growth and business, it comes naturally.

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The Gifts


Gifts were indeed something I noticed. Gifts either evolve to be something that will enhance the life of that person or some sort of experience that you could share together. So, an example of a practical gift that improves your life is the Apple Airpods; you may have seen them in our entrepreneur gift guide.The Apple Airpods are an entrepreneurs dream, awesome for taking calls, listening to podcasts, or meditating.  Alternatively, there is the experience gift, which can range from afternoon tea and spa experiences to trips away. The main thing to note is that it is an experience shared.

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The Unity


You become a unit. Whether it is the same business, one business or multiple businesses, you will become a unit. Regardless of who started what, you will both become emotionally invested in the companies you both have. You will care, you will spend hours talking about it, it will become a part of you.

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The Listening


You will have to learn to listen. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. It is a risky, fun, exciting, emotional journey and if you are in a relationship with an entrepreneur, this is something you will share too. Like I have said, regardless of whether it is a joint venture or not. And it goes both ways; you also have someone to talk to about the little or big things. Learn how to listen. I mean actually listen. Hint: This is where the phone goes down.

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Auto Pilot


Autopilot is real. 90% of entrepreneurs struggle with 'autopilot' on a daily basis, this is a fake stat, but I am pretty sure it is true.


So here is the thing about autopilot, it is not meant to be rude or intentional. The person is simply so engrossed in the task at hand; they are in a flow state. So, be understanding. So often we see things from our own perspective, flip it. Are they working on something particularly fun or stressful? Of course, if autopilot becomes something that happens all day, every day, there may be some changes to make, but if it is occasional, be understanding. If it upsets you, communicate. Communication is essential in any relationship.

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Setting Expectations


Which leads me nicely onto talking about setting expectations: People often do not get upset when they know the score. So be open with your partner, keep them in the loop. Ask them what they have got planned for the day and what their intentions are.

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Start your day with gratitude. You both will have a crazy, unpredictable day ahead, so it is essential that you are mindful as to how lucky you are to be working on your dreams. I suggest starting the day with three things you are grateful for at the start of the day and three things you are thankful for at the end of the day too.

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The most significant point I want to make here is to create a blend but to understand; entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. It is a magnificent journey, especially when your loved ones and the people around you are understanding.


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