8 Ways A Power Hour Can Help You

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Ok, then. First of all, let's address what a power hour is. A power hour is an hour of time in which you remain focused and get as much done as possible.

The idea is to remove all distractions and have a list of things you want to get done. 

The list is crucial as it prevents you wasting time thinking about the things you need to do next.

But why bother with a power hour at all? Here are 8 reasons why power hours are so awesome...

It's a form of batching... you have a number of tasks which are similar, so your mind is not flitting about and is focussed on the task.

It challenges you... to not look at your phone to check Facebook or go for a snack because in your mind you only have to be entirely focussed for one hour.

It condenses your thoughts... a power hour forces you to think about what it is that needs to get done and what it a priority. You may have lots to get done but what goes into the power hour session is the most necessary tasks.

It makes you feel better... we all have those days which don't go to plan, and you feel really shitty. A power hour can help you regroup and feel more in control.

It makes you more productive... after you have completed your power hour and got lots of work done, this sets you up for the rest of the day. You are more likely to want do get more done and feel even better.

It makes your work smarter... we have all heard that phrase "work smarter, not harder". Well, a power hour aids you in this process. As you know you have only got an hour, you think of ways you get get the optimum amount done.

It's convenient... a power hour can fit into any time in the day. It is not dependent on any other factors. So you can do it after the kids have gone to bed or before anyone has woken up or in the middle of the afternoon. It's yours to do however you want.

It's versatile... you can power hour alone or with other people. A power hour doesn't require more than one person; however, you can also divide task up between people. This is great if you have a business partner or team.

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