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Coffee Shop Etiquette: How To Work Stress Free in a Coffee Shop

As a 100% remote working cloud accountancy firm, you can rightly assume that we work from coffee shops a fair bit.

We love to do so, but there are some unspoken rules when it comes to working in coffee shops. I mean it's more like etiquette.  I think many people forget the fact that it is a business too.

So whether you are a frequent coffee shop worker or a newbie, I am going to share with you the unspoken coffee shop etiquette.

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Remote Working: Essentials You Need For a Great Day

One of the many things that make us different to your typical accountants is that we’re a 100% cloud-based, remote working accountancy firm. As a member of the Cone Squad, I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with remote working.

If you follow us over on the ‘gram, you’ve probably noticed that from time to time, we’re posting our #WorkFromWherever locations on stories.

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How To Combat The Loneliness Of Being An Entrepreneur

If you have been an entrepreneur for a while, then you will undoubtedly have felt lonely at some point, especially if your loved ones and friends are not entrepreneurs.

This loneliness tends to set in just before you have a team. When you are just starting your business, and everything depends on you. When you have a team, the loneliness can subside as you have more people involved in your vision.

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How To Sell Your Service In a Beautifully Authentic Way

‘Selling’ is natural to us as human beings. Think about it. When you see a good movie or use a new product that changes your life, what do you do…?

You share. You tell other people. You talk about the problem that you have and how you overcame that problem with said product or service.

You tell them about it because you feel it will add value to their life.

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How To Be In Alignment With Your Business

Not too long ago I was speaking to Emily, Managing Director of one of the most beautiful businesses that I have ever seen, Stories Studio.

Like us, Emily is also remote working from Spain, living in a beautiful castle in Ibiza. She is definitely doing entrepreneur life well. On the call, she mentioned how everyone always told her that business was hard, but she had never felt so content.

I told her it was because she was in alignment with her business.

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Choosing The Right Accountant Will Help Your Money Mindset

Here’s something you may never have thought about: choosing an accountant is a spiritually aligned money mindset process. And the right accountant will help you with your money mindset journey.

Your accountant has a significant role within your money story, so OF COURSE, choosing an accountant is a big part of your money mindset journey.

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4 Lists To Make For A More Organised Life

Hands up if you love a list!

Lists are an excellent way to stay organised and on track BUT only if you use them AND if you create the RIGHT lists.

We have found by creating the right lists; we have more structure in our lives.

So with that in mind, we wanted to share with you 4 of the lists that are making a significant impact on our lives and business...

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Apps for Travel

Whether you travel for work or whether you are a remote worker or a digital nomad. When travel and work come together, it can be a beautiful lifestyle or a mess. It really does come down to organisation.  

You know that we love anything that streamlines processes or makes life easier.

So we wanted to share with you our favourite apps that have helped us through remote working, workations and many more travel and work-related adventures…

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Why and How To Give Money A Purpose

This post in our money mindset series is going to have strong links to our goal setting series. It is all about giving money a purpose by knowing what money you want, what money you need.  

Giving money a purpose is a very powerful thing to do. You should know by now if you ahem been following our series that money is energy.

So by giving it a purpose, you are ultimately directing that energy. Ensuring that it doesn’t go elsewhere.

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Money Management Tips To Attract Money

Have you been following our money mindset series so far?

Next, on our money mindset series, we want to talk to you about money management.

Now I know what you are thinking, surely it's not managing the money you have that you want help with it is getting more of it.

Well to get more money, you need to look after the money you have.

Money is energy. It needs to be respected.

As money is energy, you should respect a 50 pence coin as much as a 50-pound note.

In this post, we are going to share some of our favourite ways to manage your money so it can flow more easily to you.

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Vision Board 101

Yes, it is time. We want to talk about vision boards. Vision boards are exciting and fun. 

They are a great visual way of co-creating your future with the universe. It is a way of getting clear on what you want. It is an excellent way to plan. It is a good way to set goals. 

So we wanted to give you some pointers, a Vision Board 101 if you will!

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3 Ways To Align With Your Ideal Clients

We were once told if you do not know what content to produce then this is a really bad thing. 

Not because you will have no content. Which is obviously not a great thing. But the deeper issue is that you are not in alignment with your ideal client. Which is not a good place to be. 
If you do not know your ideal client, client and potential clients then how do you think this will affect your business?

Not in a positive way.

Client experience is everything. As is potential client experience. 

So how do you align with your ideal clients? The same way you would anyone else. You talk to them! You make connections, you share, you ask questions.

In this post, we are going to share 3 ways you can align with your ideal clients and what to do next!

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How To Take Your Business To The Cloud

Whether it is because you want to travel, work from home with your children or simply to be more organised, whatever your reason for wanting to take your business to the cloud, this post is for you.

If you have been following us for a while now, you will know that our purpose is to help our clients create the lifestyle blend that serves them and their family.

All of our clients are using cloud software. But, the question still looms, what if you want to take your ENTIRE business to the cloud?

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3 Things You Need To Know About Money (Mindset)

On a recent poll, we asked you whether you would like to see more around ‘money mindset’ and an overwhelming amount of you said yes! 100% of the poll on Instagram said yes in fact.

I hope that you are following us on Instagram? And I hope you get involved with our polls as we do take them very seriously!

So money mindset is the way you think and act around money. As a general rule, most successful people have an excellent relationship with money, and most unsuccessful people do not.

And even though this is a vast generalisation, you can see why it is essential to assess your own money mindset.

Over a series of blog posts, we are going to delve into the steps that you can take to start healing your money mindset. 

But for now, in this post, we want to address 3 things before we get started into the series.

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How To Hire Successfully: Alternative Ways To Hire

In our previous blog post about hiring, we looked into how to hire someone successfully. But how do you attract the people in the first place? As someone who started her career in recruitment, I can tell you that it is not easy. You really have to change your perspective when it comes to hiring.  In this post, we are going to tell you all about alternative ways to hire. Three of which we have personally used for recruiting members of the Cone Squad. Don’t worry; we are going to tell you exactly which strategies worked!

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