Are You Setting The Right Goals?



We naturally tend to buy fancy planners and start creating goals. Which is fantastic but it’s essential to ensure you are setting the right goals. But how do you set the right goals? Well, funnily enough, that’s what we are going to dive into now.


When people tend to set goals, they go for things that are material items. A new car, a fancy house, bags, clothes, the list can go on. 


Let’s take, the example of having a beautiful home. That may be the result.  But the goal of having a beautiful home, however, could be because you want a calming space to be creative and to feel inspired every day. You want the house as you want to feel those feelings. Once you have the beautiful home, you get to feel that again and again. It’s not finite.


But when you set a goal to impress society, that’s when a goal becomes unfulfilling.  For example, if your goal was to have a beautiful house to impress other people then the goal isn’t with your happiness in mind. So when you get the house, you will not feel fulfilled. Bottom line, when setting goals, think about how you want to feel.


Here are some questions to ask yourself when setting goals and designing your ideal lifestyle.


How do you want to feel?


As opposed to setting the type of goals society pushes on you. Really think about how you want to feel.


What’s your ‘why’?

(Other than for money, or to seek approval from others.)  Your why is what will keep you going when people do not believe in you, and you are not receiving your goal amount of money yet.


What will fulfil you?


Not to be confused with your ‘why’.  These are the kind of activities that will help you get into the ‘flow’. The kind of activities that you do not even realise how the time flies. For some this would be speaking to their tribe, for others, this could be writing. Note down all the things that you enjoy. List the things that get you excited. The more of these activities you can get into your life the more time you will spend in your ’flow state’.  The state of mind where you are entirely in your element.


Is the goal for you or for others?

Think about whether your goal serves you or others opinions of you.

The Type of Goals To Have


There are 3 kinds of goals you can set:


Monetary goals are to give freedom.
Impact goals are the people you want to help.  For example, something you can do to improve the lives of others. 
Personal goals are the goals just for you. For example yoga, cooking, reading a certain amount of books. The things that enhance your life.  Goals to become your best self. 

All of these types of goals should reflect the kind of life you want to live and the person you want to be.


The Best Kind of Goals


Passion, skill and mission.

The best kind of goals is where your passion, skill and personal mission all come together.  When you have passion and intention that’s when magical things start to happen.

What now?


In our next post, we are going to discuss how to manage your goals and make them happen! But to do that you need to know what your goals are. 

Take some time to think about how you want 2018 to go. Here is an exercise to help your creativity flow.

Imagine you are flashed forward to December 2018.
You have achieved all of your goals.
What do you look like?
What are your surroundings?
Who is with you?
How do you feel?

Completely imagine every last detail.  Visualisation is such a powerful tool. 


Start off by journaling the questions in this blog and be honest with yourself about what you really want.


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.