Automate What You Hate: 12 Things To Automate & Outsource

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Automation and outsourcing. Some would class it as lazy, after all, why outsource or automate something that doesn’t take long or that you can do yourself?

Well, those minutes add up and the little time you spend to set up automation rules, or the little money you spend outsourcing can actually save you more than just time, it can save you money and often, your sanity.

Here is a checklist of 12 things you can automate or outsource to improve your life:

1.Scheduling Appointments

Calendly has been by far one of the best investments. There is a free and a paid option, and both are amazing. No more wasting time with colleagues and clients trying to find a time that suits you both. Simply send them your personalised Calendly link and they can book a time in your diary that suits you both. But don’t worry, they cannot see the contents of your calendar, only the available meeting times.

2.Virtual PA

Personal assistants can be pricey, so why not look into the possibility of having a virtual PA. Sites such as Fancy HandsFiverr and People Per Hour offer excellent virtual PA services. Pay monthly or one off and outsource all of those irritating little tasks. Think of it this way, it will cost you more in your time to do it yourself, and that’s not even including the procrastination time.

3.Filling Out Forms

Use a password manager such as RoboForm which is cloud based and will manage all of your passwords and information on all devices. All you have to do is remember 1 master password! Store everything from addresses to phone numbers and bank details.

4. Necessary, Boring chores

Shopping. Necessary but, man, isn’t it annoying?! Yes, you need to buy deodorant, but no it isn’t at the top of the list on Monday Morning. Look into subscription boxes and Amazon Subscribe and Save to automate the process.


With Receipt Bank you can create a rule that will remember the supplier’s name and what category they need to go into. Of course, you cannot do this with all items, or suppliers like Amazon as they offer a broad range of things, but this can cut your bookkeeping in half. Want to chat about the benefits of Receipt Bank?  Book in a call to see how we can help.


Use Google Mail correctly and use the folder functions and tags to categorise emails.  If you are looking for a way to sort through your emails, consider a platform like Sortd.

7.Replying To Emails

Use a tool like Gorgia to help speed up the process of responding to recipients. Take a little time to create templates on the FAQ you are replying to and save time in the long run. With Gogia you can respond with tailored templates at a click of a button or a simple keyboard command.


Half your workload with integrations. Use tools like ‘If This Then That (IFTTT)’ and ‘Zapier’ to create rules. For example, when you post an Instagram photo, post it to Pinterest and your Facebook business page as well, or, when you get a new meeting via Calendly, add that email address to your mailing list. There are many possibilities so try it out and see what integrations can help you.

9.Social Media

Outsource this to an external expert or automate and schedule your posts yourself with platforms such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

10.Recurring Invoices

Set up recurring invoices with Xero and never worry about it again. Book a time here to have a free chat and demo of Xero to see how all the features could benefit you.

11.Get Analytics Emailed To You

Setup reports of key statistics and have them emailed to you and your team on a regular basis. You can set up these reports with Google Analytics.

12.Marketing Emails

Set up an email series for when people sign up for your service, attend an event or download your ebook. You can set this up with a tool such a Mailchimp. Excellent customer service for very little work.

Something we’ve missed? Let us know your automation hacks and we will share them on our social media!

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