Health Apps That We Actually Use As Entrepreneurs

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Recently, here at Cone, we have become much more aware and conscious of how a healthy mind and body can aid you in getting better results, both business and lifestyle wise.

With the internet channels such as Netflix showing many health documentaries such as 'What The Health' knowledge has never been so readily available.

And this is not about weight loss at all. As we all know there are so many unhealthy ways to lose a few pounds.

This is about treating our body with love and respect and in return it thanking you by performing at it's best.

There are so many elements of health: exercise, what we eat, our sleep quality and out mental soundness.

As entrepreneurs, it can be hard to track all of these elements. So here we have for you, our apps that we genuinely use and have tried and tested.

So here you go...

Lifesum - Great for making you more aware of your decisions and how balanced your diet really is.

Lifesum is an alternative to MyFitnessPal. The reason I have been using Lifesum more recently is that I find it more user-friendly. I love the fact that you can choose many different diets that will suit your lifestyle or simply use it as a food diary. I use it solely as a food diary, and it's great to see what choices I am making and what I can do or eat tomorrow to make better decisions. 

The only thing that I would love to see from Lifesum is a way to track how you are feeling in relation to what you are eating, as currently, I do this in my journal.

Deliciously Ella - Great for quick and easy meal inspiration.

Deliciously Ella's app is so useful. It's full of easy plant-based meals that are categorised so you can easily plan what you are going to eat. You can save your favourite meals so you can access them quickly.

Pillow - Great for waking up at the best time. 

Although it also tells me how much time I spent in bed, it also tells me how much sleep I got and out of that time asleep how much was light, REM or deep sleep. 

I find that Pillow is really user-friendly and I love that you can add notes such as how you feel when you wake and whether you read or ate late. You can also set a period in which you would like to be woken up, and it will wake you depending on how deep you are sleeping.

Progress - Great for staying motivated and on track.

Progress is the only app that has kept me motivated and on track. Why? Because it takes everything into consideration. At each weigh in you take your measurements, weigh yourself and take front, back and side photos. Each measurement you make has a graph to show your progress, and it keeps track of the days and your goal weight. You can even note down how you feel which is a feature that I love.

Asana Rebel - Great for on the go exercises. 

Asana Rebel is a Yoga coach in an app. You can choose programmes to be on such as 'Bikini Body' or 'Unwind & Relax.' as well as their free workouts such as 'Fat-burn Yoga' or 'Flexibility Hangout'. It is a great way just to get going and get it done.

Aaptiv - Great for flexible classes.

I will be honest with you; I am starting my Aaptiv subscription today as I love the idea of this app. I wanted to include this app as it looks really awesome! It seems like a workout buddy/ teacher/ motivator all in one app. 

You can set reminders on specific days which makes you treat it like an actual physical class that you can't miss. Someone talks you through your activity, whether that's running, yoga, walking, stretching... the list goes on!

Calm - Great for keeping you mindful and stress-free.

Finally, Calm. I have spoken about Calm before, but it is an app that I continue to use. Calm is a great app for your mind and body.

From 2 minute guided meditations to walking meditations I find Calm so easy to use throughout your day. I also love the feature where you can simply focus on breathing- sometimes that's all you need to refocus!

I hope one or all of these apps are of some use to you. The most important thing to do is find something that fits your lifestyle and removes the stress from your life.

Disclaimer: This article does not result in any paid advertising or commission - these are apps that we simply use and love and have therefore shared them in the hope that you might gain something from them too!


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.