How a Work Uniform Will Make You More Inspired

How a Work Uniform Will Make You More Inspired

I am sure you have heard the famous story that Steve Jobs wore the same all black 'uniform' every day.  You most likely will also know that Mark Zuckerberg wears a very simple t-shirt and jeans look.


There are many reasons as to why they do this. I am sure you will find numerous posts online.


But we are going to focus on the fact that it reduces decision fatigue, as you do not need to figure out what you are going to wear.  It makes getting up in the morning easier.


Both leaders have realised that this mind hack frees up their mind to think about other (more important) things.


After all, life can be pretty overwhelming at times.


The extra head space can save your sanity. It also saves time which you can spend in a much better way. Whether that is time with your family or learning something new.  


But if you use fashion to express yourself and your mood, then this can stifle you instead of free your mind.


So how do we reduce decision fatigue without eliminating creative freedom?


A work uniform could be your solution.


A uniform can help you put a look together quickly and without thinking too much, but still, create a look that fulfils you, inspires you and helps you to feel 'put together'.  


So we know the benefits of the work uniform:


  • •   Reduces decision fatigue

  • •   Still allows creativity

  • •   When you put on those clothes, you know that you need to get into 'work mode' both mentally and physically.


Are you ready to create your work uniform? We hope that you are as we are going to delve into the steps right now.



Step 1. Ask yourself the following questions:


What is the purpose of my work wardrobe?

This really depends on what you do. Do you want to feel all sassy in a suit or heels? Or do you need to opt for comfort as you are moving around all day? Maybe you could merge the two and wear a suit and trainers? By thinking about your wardrobes purpose, you eliminate the possibility of wardrobe malfunctions.


What empowers you?

Another element to think about is what makes you feel good. You want to feel like you are physically and mentally getting into work mode. So you should only be wearing things that make you feel good. It's another empowerment tool to use!


What styles do you like?

I would strongly recommend creating a Pinterest board for this. It can help you understand what you like. For some this may be baggy trousers and t-shirts, for others it may be tight clothing. Either way, get some inspiration and get excited!


So let's get down to creating the actual wardrobe. You do not need to have a lot of pieces, just pieces that you love, that are interchangeable and they give you joy.


Step 2. Pick a base colour


Picking a base colour to your wardrobe will ensure that your pieces merge well together. Even if this is just for your 'work wardrobe'.


Steps 3. Get your basics


Your basics ideally will be well made and made to last. You want them to be comfy. Think jeans or skirts, think basic tops and shirts.



Step 4. Add your fun pieces


You may love to experiment with splashes of colour, or maybe bold jewellery is your thing. Or perhaps you love your nails and lip colour to coordinate. Now is the time to add your fun pieces this is where your creativity can flourish.


Final tips:


  1. Keep it minimal. Ideally, you want pieces that work in many different ways. You want to keep your uniform on rotation.


  3. Treat your clothes with love. Make it an experience. Spray your clothes with a scent you love. Display them like a store would, or hang them up neatly with space to view them. You want to make as much of your life beautiful, and your work clothes should be no different.


  5. Don't be afraid to mix it up. Of course, you want your basics to last you, but do not be afraid to add in some alternative pieces now and then to keep your wardrobe fresh and inspiring. Things like coloured scarfs and hats work well.


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About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.