How To Combat The Loneliness Of Being An Entrepreneur

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If you have been an entrepreneur for a while, then you will undoubtedly have felt lonely at some point, especially if your loved ones and friends are not entrepreneurs.


This loneliness tends to set in just before you have a team. When you are just starting your business, and everything depends on you. When you have a team, the loneliness can subside as you have more people involved in your vision.


Having said that, it can set in at any stage. So we wanted to share our tips on how to overcome the inevitable loneliness.


Join a Facebook group.


There is an abundance of Facebook groups available online. Both paid and free, private and public. In our experience, the private Facebook groups are so much better, because the group is closed it is typically is moderated much more efficiently. A highly moderated group means that people are more likely to open up within the group as they know if there is any nastiness, the moderator will stop it.


Some of the groups that have given us the best friendships and the best community are the paid groups. Facebook technically does not allow you to make money through the Facebook groups. The way people get around it is they offer membership elsewhere, and the Facebook group is a subsidiary to it.


We have our Cone Facebook Group which you can join by clicking here!



Join a book club.


A book club is such a great way to meet people. It is a massive generalisation, but people that tend to join book clubs are open to working on themselves, which are the best people to be around if you too, are working on yourself. As you are speaking about the book, you already have a conversation starter, and then naturally conversation can flow from there. There are so many ways you can get involved in a book club; there are physical meetups and online meetups. One of the digital book clubs that we are part of is The Coven. The Coven is more than a book club though; there is an online membership and a Facebook group. You can check The Coven out here.


Go to events that actually interest you.


I am just going to say it; we HATE the BNI networking meetings. They feel so ingenuine and structured.

The days of the dull networking days are over. Or at least we like to think so. If you want to make good relationships, then go to events that interest you. We have been to many events of all different sizes and agendas, and the ones that do well are the ones where people are more relaxed in the environment.


Think about your interests outside of your industry.  Do you like cooking? Are you an avid tennis player? Do you want to improve on a new skill? Go to an event that surrounds that.


Join a membership.


We are part of two membership clubs. Both have different rules and perks. But we have met some fantastic people through both. When you have a membership, you seem to meet interesting people unexpectedly.


We have met swimwear designers, jewellery designers, tour app founders; the list goes on.


Th worldwide memberships that we would recommend are WeWork and Soho House. We love to travel and work from anywhere, so this is a significant selling point for us.


WeWork is for anyone. It is very open and very inclusive. They host a weekly brunch for its members, as well as DJ sets and yoga evenings.


Soho House is more exclusive but excellent for creatives. Unlike WeWork you have to apply to become a member. Again they host events for their members amongst other house perks.


Both memberships are paid for but offer excellent perks.

In both places, we have met new likeminded people, and it has naturally happened, nothing is forced, which makes for the best kind of relationships. With one lady we bonded over the use of the facial spray! Odd but true.


The memberships also provide a great place to work, something we love to take advantage of as remote workers.


We hope this has given you a little insight into how to avoid loneliness as an entrepreneur, know that you really are not alone and that there is a whole support network out there if you want it. There are so many wonderful people in the exact situation, make friends and flourish.

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About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.