How To Create Beautiful Brand Presence With Ease

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Selling is simple. All you need to do is create something someone needs and then tell them about it. We have said this before, and we will say it again. It is just a straightforward way to look at a typically complicated process.

But today we are going to focus on the latter. The ‘telling them about it’ part. This mostly comes down to creating brand presence. Ideally, when you approach someone whether that is in person or through an advert, you want them to hear of you, or be familiar with your brand.

In this post we are going to look at:

  • Why you need to create a brand presence.

  • The funnel.

  • How you can create a brand presence.

  • The list


Now your brand presence embodies your branding but is not to be confused with branding alone. You see, your brand presence is the telling everyone about your part. You want people to know you and recognise you if they see you ‘out and about’ on social media. This is your tone, this your message, this is your branding, this is the awareness. So why is it so important to have?

Well, brand presence is how you build social proof. Social proof is where the confidence is built in your brand through awareness and recommendations.

Think about when you go out to eat. Two restaurants are selling the same thing, and you have to decide which one you want to eat at. One restaurant you have never heard of, and it has a couple of people eating there, whereas the second restaurant has loads of people inside, you are familiar with the name, and you have heard positive things about this restaurant. A quick Google or Instagram search shows you great stuff too. People have been checking in there, their page shows recent food options, and you see that the local paper has also written a piece on how fantastic this restaurant is.

Now, which one are you going to choose? I am willing to bet the latter. Even though the two restaurants may serve the same food and very similar quality and quantity, the second wins your heart because of the social proof.

And that is what creating a brand presence is all about. Building that awareness and trust so that people feel confident buying from you. They already know that they are going to be taken care of. So, the question is… how do you do it?

The Funnel

So brand presence is really the first thing at your sales funnel.  Now we are not going to get into any deep level sales funnels in this post. But we do want to simplify the funnel for you because I do think people get really scared and intimidated by the idea of a funnel. But essentially a funnel is the process of taking someone from never hearing about you to buying from you.

So the first step is creating all the leads, establishing a presence. We are going to share some ideas later in this post as to how you do this, but building brand presence is all about getting your name out there.

The Funnel Simplified

Tell Them About It: Creating Brand Presence.

Building a relationship. Trust-based Marketing.

Serve. Through both paid and free resources and services.

If you want to go much deeper with funnels, there is so much information available online, but that is a very simplified version of a funnel. So now we have taken the overwhelm away. Let’s look at the ‘how’.


So how do you create a brand presence? Well, this is all of the bits that come together to gain awareness of your brand. And while there are so many ways to do it, here are some of our favourites:


When we went to the Big Small business event, the consensus from the bloggers was that if you want to create an email that really catches a bloggers eye is to keep it short and sweet.  Come from a place of gratitude and thank them for their time to read your message, then summarise what you are offering and give them a way to get more information. Think about how many messages the influencer in question would get on a daily basis, if you want them to action yours, you need it to be simple and easy to do. Do not add work to someone else’s to-do list.

Welcome Boxes

Every new client here at Cone receives a welcome box. Now we do not want to share too much and ruin the surprise, but every item within that box encompasses who we are, what we offer and our values. The box has evolved over the years, as we have too, but it not only gives our new clients a warm welcome and an extension us as a company but it also creates people talking about us when they share their boxes online.

Referral Schemes

Referral schemes are a great way to express gratitude for customer loyalty and to get awareness of like-minded clients. There is a good chance that your clients are going to know people who are in similar circles and circumstances to them.

Guest Blog Posts

Guest blog posts are not a new thing, BUT there is one significant thing to note. If you are going to be creating a guest post, it needs to be life-changing. I am talking class A content. You need the person reading it to be so moved or inspired by your piece that they come to check you out. This does not only benefit you but the happier the reader the more satisfied the person you are guest blogging for will be.

Infographics Making a Comeback

Infographics are said to be making a come back. Not that they ever truly went away. But news on the marketing street says that the love for infographics is rising. People love how they can absorb information in a really informal way. So think of those blog posts and points that you want to make and start thinking about how you can turn them into infographics.


Software companies can do this so easily by giving a free version of their software, of course, it is much harder for services and physical products.

Shop Local

So if you are thinking, man my business is a local business, I can never give ‘free software options’ well do not worry. If you have local connections, this can also give you an upper hand. Connect with your fellow local business owners to both gain local clientele.

Lead Magnets

Do you offer any sort of opt-in? We are currently working on some great ones. Think about what your audience could benefit from.

Story Telling

Humans love stories. Especially when they are relatable and take you on a journey. So what is your story? What is your brand story? Think about how you can tell not just anecdotes but a consistent story.

Showing Up

So last, but certainly not least (arguably the most important). Remember what social media is meant to be? Social. So be social and show up.

Now, this is where we are going to mention the list, but don’t worry we go into more detail about the list next. So, when you are showing up on social media work through the list. The list is a list of connections that you should be interacting with and adding value. When you are showing up on social media, do so without expectation. We have gained many clients through Instagram, but this was not an overnight thing. This was through demonstrating our message, and this was through adding value and interacting in a genuine way.

The List

So anyway, onto the list. The list is essentially a list of people to connect with in a meaningful way.  Instagram, for example, is a great platform to do this on, but to get success from Instagram for business you have to do it in a personal way. But, before you dive and get lost in the waves of avocado on toast you need to know what you are looking for.

The list gives you that structure. When you are in the depths of Instagram, start thinking about how people fit into ‘the list’. The list goes as follows:


These are the influencers that suit your brand. Consider micro influencers. Micro influencers may have a smaller audience, but that does not mean that they cannot offer converts. Sometimes, people with a smaller audience have a more tight-knit community, so do not rule anyone out. You need to think about the influencer's audience and how that relates to your brand.


Who else shares your audience? Think about it. If you are a nutritionist, a PT will most likely share your audience. Look for others you can collaborate with. I am thinking guest posts, events and more.

PR Features

Where do you want to feature in? Someone’s podcast? Someone’s magazine? Interact with those people. You want people to know or be aware of who you are before you approach them to suggest anything PR wise.


This is where someone else can get a cut or commission for selling your product or service. Who is out there who could be a great match? Think of people who are genuinely right for the brand. If not people will see right through it and you will not get any further sales.

What Next?

So how are you feeling about creating brand presence now? Hopefully, you are feeling clearer and more organised and motivated and have someplace to start. If not, think about it now. What 3 things can you action from this post? Do you need to get clearer on your brand identity? Do you need to show up more? Do you need to start thinking about who should be on your list? Write down your 3 things and put a reminder in your calendar to check in and do those tasks, after all, if you want to see action, you must first take action.

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Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is a keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurious destinations.