How To Get More Followers on Instagram Organically

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*This is a guest blog from Lucy Hitchcock of Sassy Digital. The place for all your branding and digital marketing needs.

"How do I get more followers on Instagram?" When our clients come to us, this is usually the first question we are asked. When asking this question you need to ask yourself what you’re actually trying to achieve. Followers are what we would call a “vanity metric” - sure it looks nice to have 10k followers, but are they actually converting to sales, or whatever it is that your end goal is?

Unfortunately, there's not a specific science to it and it certainly won’t be an “overnight success” story. Many smaller brands and businesses work for months and years to build their following to the tens of thousands.

Boosting your following can depend on a number of different factors including your content and the dreaded Algorithm.

However, in a world where it’s increasingly hard to get meaningful engagement on Instagram, there are lots of things you can be doing to encourage steady growth and interaction! Here are our top tips for how to get more followers on Instagram...

1. Post with purpose

Posting a picture with a simple caption might look pretty but what are you actually saying? You need to bear in mind that everything you post needs to be either:

  • Helpful

  • Relevant to your audience

  • Entertaining

Each of these evokes some kind of emotion, and gives your followers a reason to keep following you. It gives them a reason to recommend you to others, and attract people who happen to stumble across your page.

2. Follow like-minded accounts

By following like-minded accounts - and by like-minded, we mean accounts that are similar to what you're trying to achieve e.g. competitors - you can see what kind of content has made them successful and see whether it works for you. You'll also be able to see who their followers are, which brings me to my next point...

3. Like, comment, follow

...On like-minded accounts, go check out their followers. Chances are they'll be interested in your page too. Once a day, set aside ten minutes and click on one of their followers, like a picture, comment on a picture, and follow them. Following others is a sure way to get a reciprocated follow. Just make sure you keep an eye on your following to follower ratio. The fewer people you follow, the more likely others are to follow you.

4. Put a strategy in place

If you're a business, before you start posting on social, make sure you've set out a clear strategy and plan your content ahead of time. To keep up posting interesting, entertaining and relevant content, you'll want to plan posts to go with the seasons e.g. are you a food company? Try typing in your food products with seasonal holidays such as Easter and Christmas by planning and snapping pictures/videos in advance.

5. Think about your content

Thinking about what you post will keep your feed looking nice, and followers coming back. If you post bad quality pictures with a tacky vignette filter, chances are people won't want to follow you over an account with good quality pictures and slick editing. Invest in some photo editing apps and a good camera and get your content looking super slick. Find a filter that works for you and keep your editing consistent. e.g. are you going for that blogger-style overexposed look, or dark and moody with high contrast?

We’d love to know if you have any tips for growing your following organically! Let us know what worked for you…

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