How To Get The Most Out Of Reading

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We adore books. They allow you to learn, grow, relax, disconnect, reconnect and generally develop as a person.

They take you on a journey, and they are the ‘best bits’ of a person’s mind, they allow you to connect to mentors you may otherwise have never been able to connect with. It really does fascinate me how they are beautiful masterpieces and insights into other people's minds.

But how can we get the most out of our reading? How can we take it further and REALLY benefit from the book that we are reading?

Well, over time, we have developed somewhat of a process of how to approach a book. Now for this post, I am talking non-fiction purely (although all books are wonderful). So, let's jump into the tips.

Ensure you are reading with a purpose.

For a while, I fell into the trap of just buying any book because it was the ‘in’ book of the moment. But the issue with this is that you sometimes end up reading a book with no purpose, intention and it may not even be a topic that you need help with or even worse, you have no interest in. When I read Hyperfocus, it suggested that when you are selecting your next book, you should be intentional about what it is that you want to learn.

My tip is to type into Amazon the thing you need help with, for example 'sales', or 'time management'.

This tip works for two reasons, number one, you can learn something you genuinely need help with or have an interest in, so you will want to keep reading. Secondly, you can get a feeler as to what books are right for you from the Amazon reviews.

A side tip. Although I do think you need to read a book for yourself to make your mind up on it, you can do some research before you create an Amazon basket of hundreds of books.

Sometimes I like to check out Youtube or Blinkist to see if there is a summary of a book. If so, I will listen to the summary, and I usually get an idea of feeling if the book is for me or not. It is ok, after all, to not purchase the 'in' book or to stop reading a book, if it is not serving you. Sometimes I have even come back to a book, years later, as I am then in the right frame of mind and ready to read it.

Treat it like a mentor.

Like I have just said, reading a book is like a direct pathway to a thought leaders mind. It is a mentor. So treat it like one. Imagine this mentor was talking to you; you would be making notes like crazy, so do the same with the book you are reading. Keep a notebook of thoughts that arise and the ideas that you have sparked from reading the book. At the end of the book, you can go over what you have learnt.  

Buddy up with a friend.

Having an accountability partner in anything will help you greatly, but especially when you are reading a book. When you know you have someone who is going to be checking in on you, you are more likely to show up. I find the thing is with reading, people want to do more of it but, they always struggle to find the time, but with an accountability partner, you find the time. It also works well if your accountability partner is reading a different book, you can then swap notes and grow together.

Claim the book as yours.

CLAIM THE BOOK and make it yours. It’s there to serve you.

I know for some people, the thought of writing in a book will pain them, but here is the thing, unless it is a limited edition (in which case maybe do not do this), but unless it is, you can buy another copy, there literally are unlimited copies. So USE the book. Write notes, or thoughts that arise while reading, highlight the most important sections and use sticky notes to mark pages. This is also a great place to write the action that you are inspired to take from the book, which leads me to the next point.

Take action now.

You must take action in order to progress. I talk about this a lot, but it is something that is so often neglected. If you really want a book to help you, take action on the advice that you feel inspired to take. Of course, I am not saying to blindly follow any advice, but often we read a book and we get inspired and we think wow that would really help 'X' in my life, but then you either take action, or you do not. So we want to increase the amount of action that you take.

Next steps, where do we go from here?

So be intentional with the next book that you choose to read, select a theme that is going to help you grow.

Take responsibility for your own learning and look out for what lesson you can get from the book. Grab those highlighters and get excited!

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