How To Keep A Level Head When You Are Dealing With Personal Issues

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We speak so much about creating a work-life blend. 


But what do you do when a problem arises in your personal life? 


While there is no set way to deal with a personal problem, we wanted to give you some guidance and some form of a starting point.


Because it is ok not to be ok. 



Allow Yourself Time 


Allow yourself time to deal with it in your way. There are all levels of personal issues, but whatever the problem allow yourself time. Figure out what will help. You know yourself the best, so listen to what your body needs.


Get Help


Things get so much worse when your work life is as hard as your personal life. So outsource as much as possible during this time. Get a VA for managing emails, hire a cleaner, automate your shopping. Even if this is not something, you want to do long term, reducing the number of things you need to think about will help.




Find someone to talk to. Sharing a problem, or even just writing down how you are feeling can aid a little. If the personal issue is serious, seeking professional help should be considered.  


A To Do List


I know what you are thinking, how can a to-do list help? 

Well, a to-do list can help you think rationally.  When you have so many responsibilities writing them all down can help. You can break it all down and see what is urgent, what can wait, what can be outsourced. 




Make plans even if these are small plans. Like dinner with a friend. Of course, this does depend on the seriousness of the situation. But looking forward to things in the future is a good way to heal.


The most significant thing to remember when you are dealing with any personal problem is that you are human. You have emotions and needs, and they are not to be ignored. 


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.