How To Not Be Affected By Others Opinions

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Creating a business is scary.

Aside from the crazy amounts of emails, the occasional loneliness and the overwhelming hiring process, there is also something that makes it a lot scarier.

The judgement from others.

In most cases you are not just putting your idea out there in the form of your business- aka your baby, pair that with the fact you are putting yourself out there too. As you will know, putting yourself and your team ‘out there’ and being fully transparent and authentic is so important. It can help you gain business, but it does open the floor up to more judgement and opinions.

So in this post, we want to share with you how not be affected by others opinions. Because mental resilience is such an important muscle to exercise. Starting with you…


Keep your side of the street clean. You need to work on that internal belief, that inner faith that you have the knowledge to achieve and succeed, regardless of someone else's opinions. That comes from working on yourself. Developing and growing your mind. Keeping yourself inspired. So how do you keep yourself inspired? You up your mind food intake. Listen to podcasts, read books, go to events, join groups and memberships. Essentially, keep learning to keep growing.


No one can technically make you feel anything. I know that sounds like a hard statement at first but think about it. It is the power you give that person. A loved one saying something mean about or to you will probably have more effect on you than if some random person on the street walked up to you and said a similar thing. My point is, evaluate who is saying this, and why it is affecting you so much.


Has this only affected you because there is an element of truth to what they said? If so then think, is this something you can improve? Or is it something that does not really affect your life? If it is the latter, then you need to learn to erase the thoughts and fears that do not serve you. However, if it is something that can and want to improve, then use this as fuel to your fire.


Is there a chance that you are projecting your own fears and worries onto an innocent situation? Allowing the way you think or feel about a particular person to manipulate the situation?

For example, say you have seen someone online who seems a bit up themselves. When you meet them in person you find the things they do or say to back up this premeditated thought? Whereas if your best friend was to say the same thing, you would think nothing of it.

Your subsequent actions then change the way they do think or feel about you. It is a vicious cycle.

The only real way to break the cycle is to understand that perception and projection are things that you can control. Start becoming aware of perception when someone says something that you do not like.


What others do and say is a reflection of how they feel. It may not necessarily have anything to do with you. It is simply directed at you, and while this does not make it ok, it does make it easier to understand and easier to overcome mentally.


You have got to keep your energy to yourself.

Remember, at any given time, every being, every person is going through their own things. Take that into consideration that their perception of a situation may be incredibly different if they were in another headspace.


Trusting your intuition and putting time and energy into knowing who you are. Intuition is fundamental. When you know who you are, when you are aligned with your goals, it will not matter if someone doesn't get it. You know how the money comes in, you know how you get your clients, you know how to manage your time and serve said, clients. You will get judged and talked about whether you are or not, so it is important to trust yourself.


Trust your own journey.

No one knows your journey, they do not understand fully, where you have been and more importantly where you will go. So even if you view someone as more ‘superior’ to you now, you never know where YOUR journey is going to. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.


No one really knows the true meaning of life, and many people have varying views. But the idea that we are all connected to a higher purpose is one that I would like to entertain.

There may be a reason, a purpose for the negativity that someone has brought/ directed towards you. Maybe it is to tell you to be more specific, like the law or polarity, or maybe it is to motivate you. We are all one.

Know that getting annoyed or agitated by someone else’s view will not serve anyone.


At first glance, this post may seem like business is a horrible thing.

Of course, that is not the message we want you to take away from this.

The real and underlying theme of this post is, instead of worrying and spending your energy on others opinions, start creating facts. Focus solely on serving your purpose, serving your clients, build a business that changes someone else’s life. A business with purpose.

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Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is a keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurious destinations.