How To Organise Your Email In A Stress Free Way

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So you want to become an email ninja?

Is your email becoming the drain on your entire energy resource?

Or maybe you would just be happy with a little more organisation?

Well, the chances are you are not alone.

Email is a big thing these days. It can be the central hub for dealing with new, existing, and prospect clients. It can be a place where staff members liaise. It can be a place where important documents are sent and received.

Yet, amidst all of these beautiful things, it can also be a place where energy, motivation and inspiration go to die. Ok, that maybe (a tad) extreme but think about it, when was the last time you came away from your email feeling motivated and inspired? Full of energy and ready to take on the next task?

Email is essential for most businesses, especially those that that are remote but it can also be very time-consuming. And although it is important, the role of email within a business has shifted somewhat.

But do not worry. As I am sure you guessed from the name of this post, we are going to delve into our tips and email hacks to help you go from low productivity to email ninja.

Starting off with looking at alternatives to email...

Alternative to Emails

Take intercompany emails out of the equation. We love using Slack as well as industry-specific software that we also use. Together they eliminate the use and need of email. Look into alternative ways you can communicate with your team. With our industry-specific software, the team can comment on emails that come in, and can tag a person if it requires their attention. This process eliminates the need for forwarding long email streams.

Email Templates

Creating a bank of email templates can really save you time in the long run. If you find yourself sending an email more than twice, you need to create a template for it. It is simply efficiency. It also ensures you do not forget anything and that you have an email free of accidental spelling mistakes. It also helps you set the senders expectations. By having a pre-written template with only a few elements to change, you ensure that you get back to that person quickly, instead of allowing a load of 'to-do' emails to build up.

Book It

Use a calendar booking system, like Ben, our CEO, chats about in this podcast episode.  This one is a game changer. In short, a booking system allows you not to have to do that whole back and forth ‘when are you free/when am I free’ ordeal.  Simply send an email (a templated email would be even better) with a link to your diary. This allows the person in question to book a time that suits THEM!

The Time Slots

Time slots are something we implement within the Cone Squad; otherwise; you would spend your entire day on email with no real work getting done at all! Designate times to check your email. Just because we can get notifications at all times of the days, does not mean it is a good thing. We recommend checking your email once in the morning, once after lunch and once in the afternoon. We also use the 'touch it once' method, where you deal with that email when you first 'touch it'. Whether that is sending an email to let the person know that you are on it, or whether that is shooting back the required answer.

Automated Email Responders

The automated email responder. Not just for vacations. An automated email responder is ideal if you are a blogger, a manager with staff or do not have direct clients emailing you on the daily. It may not be AS feasible if your whole business rides on you. But it can still work. An automatic email responder lets the sender know that you have received it. You can also set the persons expectations; you can say that you will be getting back to them within a week or  24 hours. Whatever seems right for you.

The Unsubscribe Cull

We are all for emails that serve you. But there is a good chance that you are receiving emails that don’t. So take a look at your email subscriptions and evaluate which ones you need.  Or implement the next point...

The Separate Email Address

Have a separate email just for your purchases and subscriptions. This way you can delve into it when YOU want to, instead of the subscription having YOU on demand.

So hopefully this has given you a place to start. Email does not need to be a 24/7 thing. Just because you can be available 100% of the time does not mean you should be. And generally, people do not mind, as long as their expectations are set, if you can go above and beyond then that is even better. And with our tips, you should only be dealing with the core email elements instead of sifting through subscriptions.

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