How To Prepare Your Business For the Christmas Break

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I think it is safe to say the C word now right?

It is, of course, Christmas. But before we drown ourselves in mulled wine and mince pies, there are a few things we want to talk about. And that is the Christmas prep.

You see, I think a lot of people almost fear to have a break. Either because they are scared of their workload when they return or they are concerned about leaving it be.

The thing is though, when you allow yourself to recharge and get inspired again you actually do better within your business. Think about it. You are able to serve your clients and employees better. You can think of new ideas, streamline projects and make better decisions. This reason is why you get all of those great ideas when you are in the shower or about to fall asleep as you are freeing and releasing any pressure by relaxing. So today we are going to look at six ways you can prep for the Christmas break.

Set Expectations

Setting expectations is key, and by extension that involves communication. People are much more understanding when they know where they stand, in fact, most problems and fear comes from the unknown. So ensure that you have shared your opening hours, so that people know when they can get hold of you.

The Macro / Micro To-do List

All those ideas and tasks flying around your head need to be organised. Yes, you may have less time to deal with things, but with effective time management, there is no reason why you cannot get it done. A macro and micro to-do list can help with this. On the macro list, note any big projects that need to be broken down and thought about. On the micro to-do list, write down any tasks that come to mind- nothing is too small! Freeing up your mind will ensure nothing is forgotten, and you do not suffer from decision fatigue.

Upgrade Your Out Of Office

Make your out of office fun and maybe even add some value. An out of office can be more than an autoresponder. You want to use this opportunity to set expectations (when you are back in the office), an action step (talk them through their options) and then add some value. Perhaps you can direct them towards some blog posts or resources that they may find useful, or maybe you can share some tips.

Set Internal Deadlines

It is more important than ever that your team knows what they need to do and by when. Everyone is excited at Christmas time, which is amazing but it is your role to ensure everyone is clear on what they need to do and by when, everything, in theory, will run smoothly. Set reminders.

Automate and Pause

Ensure your social media is planned and everything that needs to be scheduled is. You want to minimise the work that needs to be done over the Christmas break.

Tie Up Any Loose Ends

Make sure everyone is happy, pay anyone you owe money to and chase any payments you are owed. Ensure your bookkeeping is up to date. When you come back after Christmas, I am willing to bet that you want to start in a positive, fresh frame of mind, you do not wish for week old things (or longer) hanging over your head. So tie up all your loose ends before the Christmas break, and your future self will thank you.

Trello Board

A Trello Board can ensure that you do not miss anything. You can have a column for the countdown.  So for example:

-Before you leave the office on the last day.

-1 week before.

-1 month before.

The best thing about using Trello for this is that you can sync it on all of your devices as it is all online. So you can check up on it whilst on the go.

We hope that this has given you some peace of mind or inspiration for when it comes to the upcoming Christmas break. Remember that this is a happy time and to be kind to one another because there undoubtedly will be a rush. Keep in contact with us over the Christmas break on Instagram.

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