How To Progress With A Purposeful To Do List (Pt 1)

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I am guessing that if you have found yourself reading this post right now, there is a good chance you are struggling with getting things done.

Or at least you feel like you could do with some improvement on the matter.

Firstly, well done you for taking action.

Secondly, you have come to the right place. Within this blog post, we are going to share tips and tricks on how to get out of your own way and get things done.

So let’s jump into point number one. I must say, once I understood this point, I not only learnt a lot about myself but was able to structure my day in a way I felt relaxed, at ease and productive.

Work Out How You Work.

Do you know how you work best? By learning about what kind of person you are and how you work best can significantly help.

Here are some examples that I know about myself:

  • I need to break big tasks down into non-overwhelming action points.

  • I need to know the 'why' — the purpose of doing said task.

  • Working in advance and not being behind makes me more relaxed but working under pressure makes it happen.

  • I work best in caring and quiet environments.

  • I work well when I apply a time limit. For example, when I tell myself that I only have to work on 'x' task for 10 minutes, I am in such a focussed state.

If you are not sure how to get started, I suggest keeping a time diary and working out when you work best. Working best is when you find yourself in flow and creating the best work.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Plan ahead of time so you can hit the ground running. It also works as a way to finish your day, which is an excellent way of disconnecting after a long day, particularly if you work from home.

Another bonus to this is that you can visualise your day. Now I do not do this all of the time, but I like to visualise out the next steps. So say the alarm has gone off, I then like to think, ok so, I am going to go downstairs, stretch and make coffee, and that is the next steps, then once I have done that I can take it from there. What are your following steps after reading this blog post?

By doing this, you are laser focussed, and you only make time for what is important instead of falling into the trap of mindless scrolling on social media. How does this tip prevent mindless scrolling?

Scrolling through Facebook and falling into a social media hole is not something we tend to do intentionally, so by not including it in your visualisation you are not making room for it. It also helps lower decision fatigue as you are not trying to decide what to do next.

I like to plan what I need to do largely (3 things per day that will move me forward) and then outline in detail the steps. But this may not work for you, the reason it works for me is I get overwhelmed easily, so knowing the next little step really helps. It comes back to working out how you work best!

But you equally do not want to waste time doing this either so I do love creating templates for the tasks that I do often.

Write Out The 'Why'.

Writing out the why next to the task, even in bullet form, can trigger you into realising why you are doing what you need to do, which is pretty motivating. Here are some of my personal examples.

  • I get to do a cleaning workout to keep fit, feel endorphins and have a tidy space.

  • I get to get up early so I can finish early, and with this extra time, I am going to read and go for a run/ take Hugo (our dog) for a walk.

  • I get to have fun with my marketing flow so that I can teach it better and have less work to do on a monthly basis and I get to do the work I do with ease.

Essentially, working out your 'why' will give your tasks more purpose.

But do not plan too much. But in the same breath, I would not recommend planning your day down to the minutes.

This method leaves little room for movement in your day. Instead schedule in hyperfocus time slots, aka times in which you practice high-level focus, within a time frame to complete a level of a task.

This way you can also work on energy and inspiration, which will allow you to feel in a flow state, instead of feeling like you are forcing yourself to work.

Action Step

So what now? Well, I recommend starting with thinking about how you work best. What is it that YOU need to produce your best work with ease?

Grab a piece of paper immediately after you have finished this post and mind map all of the ways you work best. Are you ready? Three, two, one, GO!

Ready for the next step? Check out part 2 here now!

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