How To Progress With A Purposeful To Do List (Pt 2)

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So following on from part one, in this post we look at some more actionable steps to get you started and take action when it comes to pursuing your purpose.

It can be hard to build momentum but start with one of these tips and see where it takes you. Kicking off with identifying your high-value activities.

Work out your high-value activities.

I am sure you have heard something along the lines of 80% of your results are created by 20% of what you do.

This tip is not new information, but it is worth including within this post. Work out your high-value activities, define the quantity and frequency you need to do them and make them your non- negotiables — the things you MUST get done.

Mind Dumping.

Think about all the things that are on your mind right now. Good, bad or neutral.

There is a good chance that the reason you are finding it hard to concentrate and get things done is that you have something on your mind.

So download. Before you start your next task, write down everything on your mind. Nothing is too big or too small.

This action only takes a couple of minutes, but it can buy you back much higher focus time and higher energy levels.

Removing Resistance.

What are you resisting?

We have said before, and we will say it again: When you are procrastinating you have to identify what it is you are resisting.

What is the friction between you and what you want to do?

This is your magic key because once you have understood this, you can make a plan to overcome this resistance.

For example, if you procrastinate writing a blog post, then this may be because you struggle to focus and organise your thoughts.

The solution could be to create a blog template to get all of your ideas on paper and to find some structure.

Removing Distractions.

Prevention rather than cure is key here.

Right now, what is your biggest distraction?

Deal with the distraction BEFORE it becomes a distraction, so:

  • Hide your phone.

  • Get a drink.

  • Inform everyone that you will be away for an hour or so.

Ease Yourself In.

This point links very closely to resistance, but here is the thing.  

Sometimes the biggest hurdle is the THOUGHT of doing something or getting your brain into gear. So one of my favourite kind of things to do is to ease myself into it.

If I am going to be writing a blog post or need to create some kind of content, sometimes I listen to or read something that is going to inspire me.

Here are some of the rules though…

  • It has to be short. Around 5 minutes max. I do not want to waste all of my time getting lost into hours of youtube or reading.

  • It has to be unrelated to the content I am creating, I do not want to regurgitate the material I have just consumed subliminally, there is getting inspired, and then there is direct copying.

  • It has to be in a controlled environment, and I need to know the next step. So let’s say I am writing a blog post, I have listened to something motivational, now what? That ‘now what’ is what I want to avoid. I want to know the next step so that I do not waste any time thinking about what the next step would be. So if we stick with the blog post example, it usually is to write for 10 minutes outlining the main point and stories that I want to share.

Take Nourishing Breaks.

When I was reading Hyperfocus, the one thing that became apparent is that to be ‘in the zone’ I also needed to allow myself to get out of the zone. Disconnect to reconnect.

You need to be taking nourishing breaks. What do I mean by this? Breaks that are going to help you recharge truly.

A note to make here is this: choose an activity that will not completely switch your mind ‘off’. I love some escapism trash tv from time to time, but that is not a nourishing break, it is going to switch your mind OFF instead of taking a pause.

Better activities include:

Something that allows your mind to still be in a productive, problem solving, state, but allows you to take a break from the task in hand.

Next Steps.

So right now, let me ask you? What is your next action step? How can you break it down and remove resistance?

I highly recommend acting on this now. Taking that first step is the hardest but, it leads to the next step, and the next step, and before you know it you have momentum!

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Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is a keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurious destinations.