How To Sell Your Service In a Beautifully Authentic Way

How To Sell Your Service In a Beautifully Authentic Way

‘Selling’ is natural to us as human beings. Think about it. When you see a good movie or use a new product that changes your life, what do you do…?


You share. You tell other people. You talk about the problem that you have and how you overcame that problem with said product or service.


You tell them about it because you feel it will add value to their life.


And that there right there is what authentic selling is.


It is not about conning or confusing anyone into a sell.


It is about giving value. Showing how something can help someone else, and genuinely believing in, too.


Which brings us nicely to the 90:10 rule.


The 90:10 Rule


You should be aiming to serve the 90:10 rule.


90% Value for 10% paid for services.


The value can come in many forms, from blog posts, Instagram captions, videos and downloads, the list goes on.


The 90:10 rule may be something that is hard to implement at first, but it is something you want to aim for, especially if you are serving your purpose.


The 90:10 rule is not all about giving something for free. But rather is the alternative of giving 'samples' of your product if it was


Giving value for free shows who you are, what you can do, how you can serve others.


This is why here at Cone we post things like ‘Money Management Tips To Attract Money’ and ‘3 Ways To Align With Your Ideal Clients’ as we feel it adds value to any of our clients or prospects that are reading it.





Like we said, with the 90:10 rule the content can come in many forms. The fundamental way that the value can convert the people that consume your content is by adding a call to action (CTA).


You do not want to offer all of this fantastic advice, have someone ready to sign up for a paid product or service to then have no way of contacting you.


There should always be an easy way for your clients and prospective clients to get access to your products, free or otherwise. Include the call to action, ensure that it is easy for them to sign up or download whatever you are offering. You want to make the user experience is so enjoyable that they love to pay you.



The Referral


Remember what we were saying about people telling people about the services and products that have enhanced their life? Well, that is a referral. When someone comes from a referral, they are already a warmer lead, their friend or associate has spoken well of you, and now you are a little more trusted. The referral does not mean that you can get lax, in fact, the referral is a time to be on your A game more than ever.


You do not want that person to second-guess the reasons as to why they referred you. Another reason is that there is a good chance that, the person will one day refer you to their friends. So you want every encounter they have with you, to be an enjoyable experience. Not only that, you want this person to have the same joyful experience as anyone else has with you. So yes, a referral is a warm lead but should be treated at the same level of service as any other lead.


Offer Different Ins


Some people are not ready to buy your biggest package or your largest service.


So give them an in: offer a lower ‘in’ point. Offering a different ‘in’ does not mean lowering or discounting your prices. It means giving your potential clients a different option to become a client of yours. A smaller opt-in is often something like a course, an ebook or something similar. Mostly something that does not require much of your time once you have created it.


It is more formally called a ‘downsell opt-in’. There are two main reasons why someone does not buy from you: trust and financial investment.


Your prospect does not believe they have the funds to take that cost right now. This does not mean they never will. And in some service-based industries, such as accounting or coaching, your service could be seen as an investment, as hopefully with your help they will have breakthroughs and growth.




They do not fully trust you (yet). Or they do not see value in what it is that you are offering. Some people will never trust you and will never see value in what it is that you are selling. That is of course, ok. You are not going to align with everyone. Like we always say, if your customer is everyone, your customer is no one.


But if that person is on the fence, a smaller opt-in could be the thing that helps them see the value in your and your business.


Smaller opt-ins allow that person to gain trust with you. If they can purchase something for a lower price and they get tonnes of value from that small opt-in, they are more likely going to want to opt into your full price service.


Sure there are other ways to sell. But the ones that we have shared allow you to offer your authentic self. It primarily comes down to trust and value. Once you have built those two things with your prospect, you are more likely to be aligned with them. Selling well takes time, but know that it will come if you are true to your authentic self!


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About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.