How To Structure Your Week

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Ah, planning.


We do love to plan. 


It helps us take guided action.
It prevents decision fatigue. 
And it helps us stay on track.


But how do you plan for a successful week and more so, what does a successful week look like? 


We like to think personal development, business development, self-care and exercise, all come into it.


As well as time to socialise with family or friends.


So we thought we would share a guideline of how to structure your week.  




Clear your mind.


Monday is all about setting the right tone for the week.


There are so many ways to do this, and it is essential to do what suits you. But here is our three-step way to clear our minds:

1. Brain dump. There is a good chance you have a lot on your mind, so dump everything down on paper. 
2. Meditate. Light an incense. Burn a candle or some palo santo wood. Smudge the air with sage. Cleanse your mind now that it is empty by meditating or doing something that calms your mind like painting or colouring.
3. Set your intentions. Your mind now should be free and calm so set your intentions for the week. Essentially how do you want the week to feel? These are the thoughts you want to think as you enter the week. 





Get it done.


Of course, we are aiming for a productive week, but often Mondays are so busy, so aim for a super productive Tuesday.


Set timers to keep you on track, match tasks to energy levels to beat procrastination and get it done. This will help you feel on target for the week!






Keep energy levels high and make time to get your body moving.


Maybe book a yoga class or go for a run. We are halfway through the week, and we do not want to stop momentum now!





Personal and Business Development.


We are now even nearer to the end of the working week.


However, it is time to get inspired- not to let loose! This is the time we love to spend on self-development or to work on the business.


Thursday is also a great day to do all of the ‘bits’. Things like tidy the home for the weekend or get some lovely food to cook.


Preparation is key! 




Self Care.


Something fun. Fridays afternoons are the start of the weekend.


So plan something fun whether that is family time, a friends date or time just for you. One of my favourite things to do is to create a mini spa experience at home.


This can be done solo, or you can get the whole family involved with foot baths and face masks.


If this is something just for you, consider making it a ritual with some candles, a sweet beverage and some essential oils.







I like to see Saturday as a great time to make plans and do something, whether that is a day event with family or an evening socialising.


Perhaps time to spend on that new hobby, or you may want to have some creative time in or out of your business. 






Sunday is a great day to hit that reset button. Start slow, put no pressure on yourself and get ready for a kickass week. 


Here are the 3 main things that make our Sunday:


Prep. We like to ensure that the home is tidy, there is some sort of meal prepped and ready, and we know what our schedule and intentions are for the week.

Creativity. Sunday is an excellent day with no pressure to be social, so it is an awesome time to get inspired and catch up on reading.

Slow. As we said, we love a slow Sunday. Filled with family time, good food and coffee!



Now for a little disclaimer. As an entrepreneur, you have the power to structure your week. For some that may mean working late into the night or at weekends- and that is completely fine! Just be sure to have time for you too.


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.