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Sometimes you just don't feel it. No matter how hard you want to hustle, you sit down in your office and just feel... bleurgh. A lot of that can come down to the lack of energy in the room. Messy desks, no natural light and old coffee cups lying around don't scream motivation or inspiration. So here we have shared with you some small features that you could add or change around in your office to help you get your office energy levels up!


Flowers are known for boosting creativity, but they are also perfect for enhancing your mood and reducing stress. Not to mention they look great. Win. Win.


Plants are awesome for a whole manner of reasons. They clean the air, reduce stress, increase productivity and reduces noise pollution. Even just one of those benefits is a great reason to buy a plant or two for the office! Tip- Aloe Vera plants are low maintenance and are great for purifying the air.

A Water Feature

A water feature can improve air quality, help humidify the air, boost creativity and aids relaxation. Everything you would want for your office, right?

A Chair Massager

A chair massager may sound a little gimmicky but, trust me, invest in one and feel the benefits! It's a perfect pick me up come 3 pm when you just need a break, plus it really soothes those muscles.

Oil Diffuser

I love my diffuser. It's a powerful tool to help me actively get myself in the right mindset for work. Grapefruit and Peppermint are some of my absolute favourite essential oils to help me feel uplifted and focused.

Natural Light

Position your workspace in a place that gets the most natural light as possible. Natural light is known for having a very impactful positive effect on your mood and creativity.


Embrace Hygge and look into other ways you can light your office. Lamps, candles and fairy lights all help your space be a welcoming and cosy environment.

Soft Furnishings

A few weeks ago I felt that the office felt a little 'cold'. Not in temperature but everything was a little too bare for my liking. So I again embraced the Hygge way and added some soft furnishings. Some throws over my ergonomic chair and the office sofa and working in there became much more appealing.

When you change the pace of the music/ sounds of the room, it can alter the energy. Discover what helps you concentrate and relax. Whether that be the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop (there's apps that can recreate this sound) or nature sounds, see what works best for you! We love Mettricks in Southampton for their great chilled out playlist. I know what you are thinking- who knew accountants would chill o


Stones are a new on for us, so it's worth doing your own research on stones and crystals, but I felt that they had to make the cut for this post. Different stones can help spark creativity and assist you in focus - great for office energy!


Artwork can motivate you, inspire you, make you happy. It may be hard to find the pieces that really spark joy but at the same time discovering new pieces that make you happy is part of the fun!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

All around us, there are positive and negative ions. Electrical goods (as much as we love them) give off positive ions. Which contrary to their name aren't too good for us and have been dubbed as electronic air pollution. Salt lamps work by emitting the opposite, (negative ions), and in turn, neutralises the ions.  Himalayan salt lamps can help to purify the air, improve mood and concentration, eliminate allergens, reduce stress and promote a calm mind.

Vision Board

Place your vision board out visually for you to see, the best place for this is somewhere you will see regularly and in your line of sight. Experiment with your vision board and make sure it sparks joy and excitement when you look at it. Every image or word should have an emotional pull.

Clear Desk

Yes I know, a clear desk. It's not groundbreaking, but it's a significant factor. Consider going paperless to stop the build up of mess and clutter.

If going paperless is something you think could hep you, why not check out this previous post?  


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