Let's Get Positive

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With the news constantly updating us with all the bad that are happening in the world.


Acquaintances are continually complaining about how hard it is to make money. With Facebook offering little to no positivity or inspiration. 

It is hard to have a positive outlook sometimes when are surrounded by so much negativity. 


If we are not careful, it can consume us.


This negativity (as dramatic as it sounds) can turn our lives and businesses into a negative, downward spiral.

Which is why it is essential to look for actively look for positive sources. 
In this post, we are going to talk about negativity detoxes and positivity binges. 



So are you ready?

Make 3 Lists.


  • • A negativity source list.
  • • A positivity source list.
  • • A gratitude list.

Although they may be self-explanatory, let me delve in and tell you a little more about each list. 



The Negative Source List.


This list should consist of all the unnecessary negativity that we allow into our lives.

  • • The material that we read. 

  • • The things we watch.

  • • The accounts on social media we follow.

  • • The people we socialise with. (Little disclaimer. We know that people cannot be positive 100% of the time but there are the people that we allow into our lives, and they want no good).


A quick little anecdote here. I recently had to stop reading a book as it was having a negative impact on my life. I was reading it every night before I went to sleep, and as I slept that negativity was seeping into my subconscious and every day my mindset was getting progressively worse.


The book may work for others (in fact it was quite a popular book on Instagram), but for me, I saw massive changes that I did not like. 


You may be totally unaware of what is affecting you. So take some time and hunt out the negative sources in your life, and get rid!


The Positive Source List.


This list should consist of all the positivity that we could get into our daily lives

  • • The wonderful people that enhance our lives.

  • • The inspiring blog posts, books, podcasts.

  • • The motivational videos that we watch.

  • • The positive accounts on social media.


Here is a little hack. Have a separate social media account that you only use to follow inspiring and motivational accounts. That way when you are feeling no inspiration you can head on over to that account.


The Gratitude List.

Whether it is a digital or physical list is up to you. This list should consist of all the things you are grateful for. 

  • • Our family.

  • • The planet. The air we breathe. The sunset. The trees.

  • • The people who enrich our lives.

  • • The experiences we have.

  • • Our bodies. 


Another little tip here, include things you want too. A great way to manifest something is to feel like you already have it. That great new person in your life. Financial freedom. 


For the rest of today and hey, why not even tomorrow. Go out LOOKING for positive things and people.


Shy away from negativity.

And be grateful. For what you have.


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.