Mind Hacks For Productivity

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Productivity is always a talking point. Everyone wants to get the most out of their day. Everyone wants to smash their goals. But so many of us struggle with it.

So, today we are sharing 3 strategies that can help you hack your mind to be more productive.

Number 1 is a new one to us so we thought we would start with that!

Change Activity

Not so long ago we were given some advice. When you change your activity, you give your mind or body time to relax. 

We trialled it out, and it is true! Well, at least it worked for us. When you have been staring at your screen for a while, and then you get up to tidy your desk, for example, your mind is taken to a different kind of activity. You are still productive, yet you are switching it up enough to give certain areas of your mind or body a rest. Try switching up your routine to get a range of different tasks done.

Triggers and Resistance 

Procrastination is resistance. So ask yourself 'what you are resisting'?

Understand what you resist and what are your triggers.

Your triggers are the thing that makes you want to do or not do something.

Once you know your triggers, you can tailor your routine to be the most productive you can be.

Identify one thing at a time and find a solution to it. For example, if you resist working out. Your trigger could be that you do not have any clothes to hand and they are lost in your wardrobe. You can solve this by having clean clothes put out every night, ready for the morning.

Use Time For you

Time is essentially the crux of the matter.

We cannot get more of it. But we can be smarter with it.

Use time for you instead of against you. Power hours and time challenges are a great way to ensure you stay focused for a set amount of time and produce high-quality work. 

Another way is to identify your 'dead time' and see how you can utilise it better. Dead time is the time you have to ‘waste’ to complete another task. Such as waiting for the kettle to boil to make a cup of tea.

Keep a time diary. If you can, try and do it for a week. By doing this, it will help you identify where your time is going. There may be ways you can streamline your processes. There may be things you do not need to do anymore (hello scrolling through Facebook for hours on end). You may even find that you are doing things really well, but… it may not be efficient time and money wise to do it yourself. 

We challenge you to try one of these hacks today! Avoid trying them all as that will be pretty overwhelming. And overwhelm does not help productivity! Let us know how you get on and tag us on Instagram.


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.