Mindset Shifts To Be More Successful In Business

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They say that only 5% of startups make it to year 5. Now while there may be many factors the attribute to this, and there are many things that can affect this, I can’t quite shake the idea that a large amount of this comes down to the belief system that those 5% have.

I mean, think about it. How many people go into business unsure as to whether they will succeed? What effect do you think this has on the business? If every decision that is made is done so with a level of doubt.

In this post, we want to share with you some new beliefs, some new ways of thinking about business. These beliefs will help you in all areas of your life. So if you are ready for a new perspective, then keep on reading.

Know yourself. Know your values.

Everything you do must align with this. When you have a belief system, when you have values, your actions have meaning. I do not mean this in a religious context, but more so in an internal belief system kind of way.

Do what you love

What do you want to do for the rest of your life?

Imagine what you are doing right now is what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life, would you be happy with that? Or at least at this moment, are you doing what you love? If not, you need to make some change, and you need to create a progression plan.

If you think about it, working towards creating a life where you only focus on your passion is the goal. You want to work towards outsourcing all the jobs you hate and keeping the tasks that you love.

Fall in love with the process

Patience here is key. Setting goals are good. But make sure that they are goals that you want to achieve and like the process of obtaining them. I always say this is like taking an around the world trip and only being excited or wanting to go to Australia.

If you stop and all these fantastic places along the way, where there are lessons to be learnt and fun and all you do is sit in your hotel room, waiting for Australia…

Wouldn't that be a waste of trip?

This metaphorical example of an around the world trip is the same as not enjoying the process of growing your business.

Negativity and mistakes. Something visualise over. Replace and rewire.

Negativity and mistakes and are inevitable. Doing so is human. But one of the worst things you can do is dwell on it.

When you focus on your mistakes and negativity, you are not targeting your energy into the right resources. Take a lesson from the experience and move on.

How can you move on? I hear you ask?

By rewiring your mind. Changing that thought process in its tracks.

One of my favourite ways to do this to 'delete' the bad thought and replace it. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Say “This thought is no longer serving me, delete”.
Step 2: Replace it with a positive thought.
Step 3: Visualise an alternative — something that you want to happen.

It sounds a long process as I have broken it down for you, but in reality, you can do this in a matter of seconds.

Be accountable and take responsibility

A big part of growth both in your business and as a person is taking responsibility. Being accountable. Ultimately, if something is not working in your business, it is on you to find a solution.

Again, it comes back to that mindset of ownership. Running a business is very different from working for someone else. You answer to you, which means the responsibility stops and starts with you.

Serve your clients

You should be focussing on serving. So many people look at what their clients can do for them, and that is so backwards. You need to keep working on how you can serve them. How can you make their experience better?

Retaining a loyal customer is just as important, in fact, more important than winning new ones.

Come from a place of love and gratitude

When you come from a place of love and gratitude for your business, everything changes. Your perception changes and your work reflects that. Make this small change and see what affects it has.  

Focus on your path

Focusing on others is setting yourself up for failure.

Look, I totally get it. You scroll through Instagram, and you see beautiful people doing amazing things, and you compare yourself. There are so many things that are wrong with that picture, and I will not even get into the whole 'it's not real' idea, but what I will say is this: focussing your energy into others will not help you grow.

Any power you have; is over you, and your business. So put your blinkers on and focus on how you can serve others through your business.

We hope that at least one of these mindset shifts resonates with you. A healthy mindset is a mighty tool, that if you do not exercise, will just be sitting in your toolbox.

So take one of these shifts and implement it into your business and life. Let us know how you get on over on Instagram.

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Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is a keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurious destinations.