Our 7 Sleep Essentials

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We have spent a lot of time reading up on how to get the best nights sleep. Through lots of trial and error, we have come up with our essentials for a great nights sleep. 


Want to hear them? Well, keep on reading...



Sleep Tea from T2


Tea fanatic over here. I have over 100 teas (at least), and I have tried SO many sleep promoting teas. This one from T2 is by far the best. I buy it loose leaf so I can adjust the strength. It's all herbal, and obviously has no caffeine. I try to drink this an hour before bed to get the full effect.


Get the tea here.



The Pillow App


I have mentioned it before, and I still use this app. It's amazing. You can add sleep notes so you can identify factors that could lead to good or bad quality sleep. For example, when I read before I go to sleep, the quality of my sleep is better. However, when I eat late, I am restless. It also records and movement (for example snoring). It shows how many times you woke in the night and how much rem and deep sleep you got. I think understanding your sleep patterns can really help you improve your night.



The Calm App


Although The Pillow App offers other sounds, I much prefer the Calm app for 'setting the scene'. It also continues all night, which I love as often when it is turned off I instantly wake.



A Shower


Ideally, you want your room to be cool and your body temperature to change from warm (from the shower) to cool (from the room). This will help you fall to sleep quicker. My average time to fall asleep now is 10 minutes. I would like to get that to even lower, but I really find that it has worked.



Sleep in 90 minutes


For so long I got so worried at trying to get to bed at a specific time and wake up at a certain time to ensure my body clock could get into a 'routine'. I worried about it so much that it made it harder to sleep.  Monica's 90-minute tip is a game changer. Essentially try to sleep in 90-minute intervals. So for example, I felt so much more refreshed when I slept 6 hours instead of 7 hours. Why? Well, 6 hours is made up of 4, 90-minute sessions whereas 7 doesn't quite make the whole 90 minutes. I firmly believe that working to this sleep cycle is life changing.





Read something you enjoy but no business books! Business books will get your brain active, and we do not want to get active before sleeping. I like to read something light, but inspiring so I wake up with a purpose.



Essential Oil Diffuser


Finally, when I 'set the scene' ready for sleep I put on my essential oil diffuser which is filled with lavender for its calming properties and eucalyptus which helps me breathe clearer.


The combination of these 7 things has really changed the way I sleep, the quality of my sleep and how I feel in the morning. I wanted to share it with you so that perhaps by adding in 1 or all of these steps, you too can sleep easy.


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Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.