Remote Working: Essentials You Need For a Great Day

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One of the many things that make us different to your typical accountants is that we’re a 100% cloud-based, remote working accountancy firm. As a member of the Cone Squad, I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with remote working.


If you follow us over on the ‘gram, you’ve probably noticed that from time to time, we’re posting our #WorkFromWherever locations on stories.


Because we’re a remote working squad, we have the opportunity to work from pretty much anywhere we want to. For example, this could be our home offices, coffee shops, local outdoor spaces, co-working spaces, or even from abroad! This past summer, Ben and Chloe spent three months working remotely in Barcelona, and we were so lucky that they took us over for a week to work and explore with them.


There are certain things that we’ve found make for a productive day of remote working, so I’m here today to share the essentials I need for a great day of remote working, and to help inspire you to give it a try…




One of the things that we love so much about remote working is that it offers us the flexibility to change our office day in and day out. Without a strong WiFi connection, it makes it much harder for us to do our best work! As cloud-based accountants, all of our work requires the use of the internet, so it’s important we always have a good source of WiFi.


Coffee shops are always a reliable source of WiFi, and the coffee is a big help to having a productive day. Naturally, they’re a brilliant choice if you’re concerned about snacks and refreshments throughout the day too! We love visiting coffee shops while working; the buzz of the atmosphere helps motivate you to do your best work while also supporting local coffee shops, like one of our favourites, Coffee Lab. It’s important to remember here that there is such a thing as ‘coffee shop etiquette’; we don’t just rock up to coffee shops and use their WiFi without supporting their business too. We’re exploring coffee shop etiquette in more depth in our blog post, ‘Coffee Shop Etiquette: How To Work Stress-Free in a Coffee Shop’.


Naturally, co-working spaces always provide WiFi, and we love working in these environments. While you generally have to subscribe to a membership at a co-working location such as WeWork, facilities and refreshments are usually included, and the dynamic environments have been purpose-built for creativity, focus, and connection.


Your Mobile Hotspot


If neither a coffee shop nor a co-working space suits your working style, remote working gives you the opportunity to take your office outdoors. One of my favourite outdoor locations to work during the summer is the Cathedral Grounds in Winchester.


Perhaps the most essential tool for getting full flexibility of working wherever I like is a mobile hotspot. Using a mobile hotspot means that you can work from anywhere, even if it is an outdoor location, and still have that internet connection that is so important to the work we do.



Power Banks


The one downside to using a mobile hotspot is that it can drain your battery before your work is done for the day. To avoid hindering productivity, power banks are essential for us and are always in our bags ready for action.


We highly recommend this one for its reliability and storing up to 4 full charges.





Getting into your flow state can sometimes be a bit tricky, but if you know what sounds suit your style of work, you’re on your way. Whether you prefer Apple Music or Spotify Premium, there’s always a playlist that could help you boost your productivity and get into your flow state of working.


When we’re working out and about, we love listening to our favourite music and podcasts for a spark of creativity and inspiration, and Apple AirPods have made this even better. We also use them for client calls and find that the audio quality is superb. These are one of the essentials that help us have a productive day of work.



Communication With Your Team


Naturally, there are pros and cons to having a remote working team and not having face-to-face contact with your squad on a daily basis, as our Founder & CEO Ben discusses here. It’s important to keep a steady line of communication with your employees, and allowing them to work remotely depends on a strong foundation of trust.


We have found that by keeping regular contact through apps like Slack and Zoom, and even our group chat on WhatsApp, we have a fantastic team culture. You cannot micromanage your team; you have to give them the independence to manage their while trusting that they will complete all work by the given deadline.


This is just a foundation of the essentials that I’ve found make for a great day of remote working, and there may be other apps or products that are essential to your industry in particular. We hope this has inspired you to give remote working a try.


If you have found any other essentials, or have any questions about remote working, we would love for you to share it with us in the comments below.


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Evie Cox is the Virtual Office Manager here at Cone. She loves wearing many hats in her role, with day to day jobs ranging from general office admin, developing graphic content for web and social media, and writing the odd blog here and there.


Evie loves yoga and meditation, being beside the sea, and shares her home office with her JackWeenie pup!