Should You Plan Your Day in Advance?

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So most people say you should plan your day in advance, so for example, the night before. This was something that I was doing until I started thinking about whether it worked for me or not.

The problems that I encountered when planning my day in advance were:

  • It left me feeling uninspired and instead of being excited for the day it made me feel like I was doing 'chores'.

  • It left me feeling unproductive. I would totally overestimate how much time I had, which left me feeling stressed.

  • I wasn't focusing on the things that would get me closer to my goals; I was filling my time up being 'busy' but not doing things that would actually progress me forward.

Equally though, I didn't want to enter a week without having any plan of action.

So here at Cone, we have created a free downloadable planner to help you move forward with your goals on a daily basis, check it out here.   

The Planner

Download your free copy here (no email address required).

At the start of the week, either on a Sunday or Monday, I would answer these weekly questions:

Habit Tracker: What habits would I like to maintain?
Here I would choose 5-7 habits to track over the week that I believed would improve my quality of life or develop me as a person. They could be anything from working on a page of a new project or meditating. 

What will I be focusing on this week?
This could be something like getting my Instagram pattern tied down, or getting a particular client meeting. Whatever it is, set your intentions and write them down!

What activities would get me closer to my goals?
Write down specific tasks that you can add to your to-do list. The more specific and measurable you are here the more likely you are to get it done.

What are you grateful for?
I never used to think about what I was grateful for when planning my week. But by thinking of what I am grateful for helps me incorporate those things into my schedule. For example, I am grateful for having a lovely outside space, so now I make it a habit to meditate there every day for only 2 minutes. This is such a small yet impactful change. People underestimate how important it is to schedule mindfulness into their day; you should treat it like a meeting- you have to show up!

Thought for the week.
This thought or quote is what will help you focus throughout the week, make it something that resonates with you and isn't generic.

The House Keeping

I think it's a good idea to keep a to-do list of the general things that you need to do; I like to call these tasks 'housekeeping'.  These are the things that you need to do to keep your business running and successful. 

Daily Planning.

To prevent overwhelm, pick 3 things that must get done for the day and 3 things you would like to get done. You can break them down into smaller bite-sized tasks, but by using this method, it prevents you from stacking your schedule with loads of things to do.

This is where you need to reference those points about what activities will get you closer to your goals. Make sure that you include at least one of these in your top 3 things to do that day.

By merging your general to do list with things that will get you closer to your dreams you will be taking a small step each day to achieve your goals.

Finally, it is such a good idea to decide what you are going to eat ahead of time, even if it's just whether you are going to eat out or not. By limiting your daily decisions, you are less likely to suffer from decision fatigue. I also like to pre-write notes that will help me with the tasks that I have to do that day. It's super helpful. I use the motivation box to note down something that will inspire me each day, like a cool Instagram account or a blog post. It may sound silly but by scheduling things like this keep you focused, determined and motivated.

So to Summarise.

What to do weekly.

  • Fill in the weekly part of the planner which covers your goals and habits that you want to work on this week.

  • Pre-fill in any notes that may help you with the days ahead.

  • Pre-fill in your inspiration for the days of the week.

What to do daily.

  • Reference the tasks that will get you closer to your goals (written in weekly part of the panner).

  • Choose 3 things that you must get done and 3 things that you want to get done.

  • This method prevents overwhelm, keeps you on track to achieve your goals and promotes a grateful and mindful attitude.

I hope this method and planner works as well for you as it does for me! Download the free planner here; no email address required and tag us in your photos of you using it. Have a great rest of your week. You got this.


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.