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The Most Talked About Money Apps: From A Non-Accountant

For those of you who may know me, you’ll know that I’m not an accountant.

While trying to save money for a deposit, repaying student loans, and focusing on daily spending, it can be hard to keep track of where your money’s going. Money management is essential, and there are so many smart money apps on the market to help you.

So we thought it would be fun to share our favourite money apps with you, from a non-accountants point of view.

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Apps for Travel

Whether you travel for work or whether you are a remote worker or a digital nomad. When travel and work come together, it can be a beautiful lifestyle or a mess. It really does come down to organisation.  

You know that we love anything that streamlines processes or makes life easier.

So we wanted to share with you our favourite apps that have helped us through remote working, workations and many more travel and work-related adventures…

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How To Take Your Business To The Cloud

Whether it is because you want to travel, work from home with your children or simply to be more organised, whatever your reason for wanting to take your business to the cloud, this post is for you.

If you have been following us for a while now, you will know that our purpose is to help our clients create the lifestyle blend that serves them and their family.

All of our clients are using cloud software. But, the question still looms, what if you want to take your ENTIRE business to the cloud?

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How To Get Organised When Life Gets Overwhelming

Whether you are starting a business, a side hustle or are already in business; there are times where you feel so overwhelmed and unorganised.

We feel you. 

You have so many roles within your business, career and home life; it's understandable. It is normal.

Our advice? Create a blend. 

A blend takes away the pressure of what you ‘should be doing’ at a particular time of the day. When we start our own businesses, we sometimes forget that we do not have to adhere to the stereotypical 9-5pm anymore. In fact, you can be so much more productive when you turn that idea on its head and work to your own body clock. We are all about not overworking yourself so we are not saying you should be working at all hours of the day but in alignment.

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Top 5 Business Apps For Bloggers

We sympathise for bloggers. Because although your lives look glamorous (and I am sure parts of it are), you do not get the recognition for running your own business.

But you are running your own business.

You ARE the business.

You have invoices. You have clients. You ARE your marketing department while maintaining your brand.

So how can you streamline your blogging business?

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How To Get More Followers on Instagram Organically

"How do I get more followers on Instagram?" When our clients come to us, this is usually the first question we are asked. When asking this question you need to ask yourself what you’re actually trying to achieve. Followers are what we would call a “vanity metric” - sure it looks nice to have 10k followers, but are they actually converting to sales, or whatever it is that your end goal is?

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Health Apps That We Actually Use As Entrepreneurs

Recently, here at Cone, we have become much more aware and conscious of how a healthy mind and body can aid you in getting better results, both business and lifestyle wise.

With the internet channels such as Netflix showing many health documentaries such as 'What The Health' knowledge has never been so readily available.

And this is not about weight loss at all. As we all know there are so many unhealthy ways to lose a few pounds.

This is about treating our body with love and respect and in return it thanking you by performing at it's best.

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7 Tips To Run a Business & Travel

We believe travel is an important part of life. To take a break from your usual surroundings and experience other cultures can be very inspiring, it also helps personal development and can give you a fresh perspective on your own empire.

It is a common misconception that to travel means that you have to go away for an extended period of time, or is unattainable and out of reach if you run your own company. We are here to share our tips for travelling while running an empire.

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9 Productivity Apps

It’s no secret that here at Cone, we love an app to make a process easier. To make life easier. This month as part of our #LiveLife campaign we are focusing on getting a better work-life balance. Productivity plays a critical role in getting a favourable work-life balance. The smarter you work, the more free time you have - it’s that simple. So, here are 9 Productivity Apps that will help you work smarter...

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