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How To Reuse Your Marketing Material

You put a lot of effort into creating marketing resources, or you pay someone to put a lot of effort into creating marketing resources.

So, either way, that is a lot of time and/or money going into marketing resources.

Now I 100% believe spending time and/or money that goes into your marketing is key, however, how much, or to what percentage of those resources do you use to its full potential?

I would go as far as saying that it is fundamental to growth.

I would also say that it is your duty to ensure you are adding as much value as you can to your customers and prospects.

This is the 90:10 rule, 90% showing up and 10% selling.

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How To Prepare Your Business For the Christmas Break

I think it is safe to say the C word now right?

It is, of course, Christmas. But before we drown ourselves in mulled wine and mince pies, there are a few things we want to talk about. And that is the Christmas prep.

You see, I think a lot of people almost fear to have a break. Either because they are scared of their workload when they return or they are concerned about leaving it be.

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3 Ways To Align With Your Ideal Clients

We were once told if you do not know what content to produce then this is a really bad thing. 

Not because you will have no content. Which is obviously not a great thing. But the deeper issue is that you are not in alignment with your ideal client. Which is not a good place to be. 
If you do not know your ideal client, client and potential clients then how do you think this will affect your business?

Not in a positive way.

Client experience is everything. As is potential client experience. 

So how do you align with your ideal clients? The same way you would anyone else. You talk to them! You make connections, you share, you ask questions.

In this post, we are going to share 3 ways you can align with your ideal clients and what to do next!

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How To Get More Followers on Instagram Organically

"How do I get more followers on Instagram?" When our clients come to us, this is usually the first question we are asked. When asking this question you need to ask yourself what you’re actually trying to achieve. Followers are what we would call a “vanity metric” - sure it looks nice to have 10k followers, but are they actually converting to sales, or whatever it is that your end goal is?

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