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19 Ways You Can Charge Your Energy To Increase Joy At The Weekend (part 1)

When the weekend swings around after a long week, it can be rather tempting to slump into the sofa all weekend with little plans of moving. And while that may be ok to do, it is not something that is sustainable to do every weekend. Luckily, there are many ways to recharge over the weekend to set yourself up for a happier and more joyful week.

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Day Planning Method To Prevent Overwhelm

Planning your day in advance is no new thing. Everyone will tell you to do this, but there are so many ways you can do it. 

I often used to find planning my days so overwhelming. 

I had so much to do, so I would over fill a day with unachievable tasks and then would feel left feeling unsuccessful and miserable when they (obviously) were not completed. 

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Improve Your Office Energy

Sometimes you just don't feel it. No matter how hard you want to hustle, you sit down in your office and just feel... bleurgh. A lot of that can come down to the lack of energy in the room. Messy desks, no natural light and old coffee cups lying around don't scream motivation or inspiration. So here we have shared with you some small features that you could add or change around in your office to help you get your office energy levels up!

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4 Natural Stimulants To Help You Be Your Best

Don’t get us wrong; coffee is great!  However, recently we have been looking into other natural stimulants that can help you get through those mornings when you just need a boost! After trying number one on our list (and it proving very effective), we are keen to try more! First, however, a little disclaimer: We are not dieticians, and you should always consult your doctor before changing your diet!

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