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HR Policies - The Last Thing On A Small Business Owner’s Mind

The entrepreneur’s journey is a well-known one nowadays. It starts with an idea never before conceived, a genuine insight borne out of a unique perspective. And it ends… well, there’s a long way to go before the journey ends in either success or failure.

In the middle, there is the struggle. A struggle to take the idea and make it into a reality. Hiring a team, building a product, and making sales. These are the core activities that dominate the brains of the leadership team. HR documentation and regulation compliance... not so much.

And fair enough, it’s not likely to be the thing that makes or breaks the business. But it is crucial - for the following 3 reasons.

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Thinking about growing the team? Here's 4 things you need to consider

Bringing a team onboard and watching them help bring your idea to fruition is one of the most rewarding parts of successfully growing a business. No founder can do it all on their own (as much as some would like to think otherwise!). The bolder the idea, the better the team needs to be. Hiring is a substantial commitment, and while the benefits are massive, the process itself diverts resources away from the core task of growing your business. Here are 4 things you should think about before launching head first into the task of bringing on a new hire.

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