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How To Use KPIs For Business Growth

You probably know by now that we are not your typical accountants.

We wanted to step away from the ‘stereotypical’ accountancy firm, and one of the ways we’ve set ourselves apart is by truly believing in our clients, genuinely wanting them to grow and flourish.

So we became experts in business growth.

Experts in expanding your business into new locations, knowing when is the best time to hire, and placing a focus on setting and achieving your goals. You know how we speak at length about goals.

When it comes down to it, much of business growth is driven by setting and achieving goals, and one of the ways we do this is by using KPIs.

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How To Know When To Hire

We have talked about creating a community within a company and we have talked about 'Why The Employee Package Is More Important Than Ever'.

We have even talked about some of our favourite ways to hire.

But there is the question of should you or should you not hire?

In this post we are going to explore some things you should think about before you hire; whether that is your first hire or simply a new addition to the team, each new hire is equally important.

First up, let’s go to the root of it: why do you want to hire a new person?

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Why Remote Working Could Help Your Business Thrive

Remote working has been growing in popularity since 2012, and many businesses are expected to have at least over half of their workforce working remote by 2020. Which, really is not too far in the future.
As we, here at Cone have remote workers, we wanted to touch on why we have done this and to tackle some of the cons we have heard in the press.

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Thinking about growing the team? Here's 4 things you need to consider

Bringing a team onboard and watching them help bring your idea to fruition is one of the most rewarding parts of successfully growing a business. No founder can do it all on their own (as much as some would like to think otherwise!). The bolder the idea, the better the team needs to be. Hiring is a substantial commitment, and while the benefits are massive, the process itself diverts resources away from the core task of growing your business. Here are 4 things you should think about before launching head first into the task of bringing on a new hire.

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7 Monthly Tasks For Successful Business Growth

You’re running a small business so you probably already have a lot of things to do each month. For the successful growth of any business though, you need to take some time each month to check-in with yourself. To go over how things are going this month and what could be improved. 

Below is a checklist - it’s not exhaustive, but it’s definitely a starting point to go through each month.

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