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4 Lists To Make For A More Organised Life

Hands up if you love a list!

Lists are an excellent way to stay organised and on track BUT only if you use them AND if you create the RIGHT lists.

We have found by creating the right lists; we have more structure in our lives.

So with that in mind, we wanted to share with you 4 of the lists that are making a significant impact on our lives and business...

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8 Ways A Power Hour Can Help You

Ok, then. First of all, let's address what a power hour is. A power hour is an hour of time in which you remain focused and get as much done as possible.

The idea is to remove all distractions and have a list of things you want to get done. 

The list is crucial as it prevents you wasting time thinking about the things you need to do next.

But why bother with a power hour at all? Here are 8 reasons why power hours are so awesome...

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To-Do List Tips

Ahh the good old to-do-list. Aren't they great? They can help you clear your mind and see clearly what you need to do. However, many of us write to-do-lists without actually making them work for us, and they actually turn into a big list of 'stuff', unorganised and actually quite intimidating that can lead to procrastination. Here are 4 tips, that we genuinely use everyday for our to-do-lists...

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