The Cone Workation: From a Marketing Point of View

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"Hey guys it's Emily, I am taking over Cone's Insta today, and we are currently at Gatwick en route to Barca for our workation".



It had begun.


Our first #ConeSquadWorkation had commenced, and it was my first time seeing someone else in the team (other than Ben) take over our stories.


It was nerve-wracking. It was exciting. It was refreshing.


You see, each day of the workation saw a different Cone Squad member take over the Instagram stories. Excluding Hugo the chihuahua, his schedule was a little too packed for the week.


Emily, one of our Client Managers here at Cone, had the first day, which meant her role was to document the travel to Barcelona and the first day of activities. She introduced herself in such a fun way; I loved it. She documented the journey to Barcelona well; she even included the obligatory airport Starbucks.



So what did I learn from giving up my stories responsibilities for 80% of the week?


Let's talk about what went well.


Each person had a topic to cover, so for example, Emily; the travel to Barcelona, Evie; the photo shoot, Colin; the spa day. By doing this the team had a little direction, so everyone had an idea regarding what to post.


It also gave our clients, prospects and followers an excellent opportunity to meet the team again and see the workation from their point of view. I loved how the team got creative and posted what they thought our followers would like to see.


Another significant aspect of the stories take over was using the 'ask' feature on Instagram. Ben, our CEO who pops by on Instagram from time to time opened up the floor for people to ask him questions. It was an excellent opportunity to be transparent and helpful to our followers. There were some excellent questions, not to mention the massive amount of interest in remote work life.


So of course, this would not be a 'what I learnt' post if I didn't share the elements that I would do differently in the future.


One of the biggest things that I learnt and a mistake that I 100% take ownership of was the teaching of how to use the social media. I wrongly assumed that people would know what things to log, how to log it and the style in which we do it.


Things like if you log out of the app too quickly after posting your sign off video, it will not post so you will have to sign in again.


Even though I ended up doing a demo in person, it would have been much more helpful to the team to get a video demo sent before the workation.


On the next workation I will ensure that I have done a video tutorial on how to do the following:


•   How to use the stories

•   The features to utilise.

•   The colours and fonts that we use.

•   Which angle to film the videos and photos.

•   The type of content to include.

•   Reminders as to how often they should be doing it.

•   Signing in and signing out.

The workation was in full flow by the Tuesday (their flight was delayed on the Monday, so it meant a slight shift in the itinerary, but I will let Ben cover that).  


So the Tuesday went pretty much to plan. We had our team photos; we explored the city, we discussed how we could improve as a company, and we shared dinner together. It was a busy day but a perfect blend.


Tuesday was also the day that the I gave a talk all about lifestyle- business blend. It is a value that we hold dear here at Cone, throughout our client conversations and our marketing, so for me, it was imperative that the team understood how to create a life-work balance of their own.


We spoke about tips on how to overcome anxiety, vision boards, meditation exercises and journaling. It was great to see such a positive response; even a few team members came up to me afterwards to discuss how they could implement a vision board in their lives.



The question is, what did I learn for next time?


I would make it more interactive. Seeing as a couple of the team members came up to me afterwards and asked for practical advice, it made me think about how I could make the talk more interactive next time.


The second would be to record it better.


We had candid photos taken while I held the talk, but it would have been good to get it filmed, whether it be for our marketing or to show to future team members when they join.


Before the workation started, Ben and I talked about giving a trainee photographer a chance. We have always liked the idea of supporting the community and helping someone get their foot in the door.


That is when I met Isla. A photographer who was looking for some experience to broaden her portfolio. When she reached out to me, it felt like divine timing. We did a trial run back when we were in Southampton, it all went well, so we told Isla that we wanted to take to Barcelona for a part of our Workation.


She excitedly agreed, and we booked it.


Getting a photographer is a good call, but helping someone further their career is so much better. If you can do it, then you must!


I learnt that getting a budding photographer is really worth it. However, I would say that it is location dependent. Barcelona was much more feasible to do than if our workation was further away, in Australia for example. We have started looking into destinations for next year, and this is something that we would bear in mind.


You can check out Isla's work here.


The workation taught us all something. It gave us a chance to bond. A chance to have fun as a team and for that, I am forever grateful. The next posts in this series will look at what we learnt from a Team and CEO point of view.

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About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.