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In this second instalment of our three-part blog series based on our recent workation in Barcelona, we’re exploring the #ConeSquadWorkation from a team point of view.


The workation was a first experience for each one of us, and it was truly an experience to remember. It gave us the opportunity to bond as a team, be a part of Cone’s future growth, experience remote working abroad, as well as learning and growing both as individuals and as a team.


Time To Bond


We spent our time venturing from Las Ramblas, to the Cathedral of Barcelona, to the Boqueria Market, and everywhere in between. Despite having our first day slightly disrupted by flight delays, each day was exciting and packed with exploring the streets of Barcelona, eating fantastic food, and most importantly, bonding as a team.


As we are a 100% remote working team, we don’t see each other day in day out. And although we don’t have a physical office, we’re regularly chatting in our WhatsApp group or channels on Slack, and we have an amazing team culture.


Generally, we meet up for a co-working day once a month or so, but the workation gave us the opportunity to really bond as a team on a deeper personal level (especially for me, as the newest member of the Cone Squad!).


Without a doubt, we believe that having an awesome team culture is imperative to the growth and success of any business. Creating experiences like our workation provides the perfect opportunity to bond as a team and develop that team dynamic we all so desire!


Being A Part Of Cone's Future


If you were following along with us taking over the Cone Instagram, you would have seen that we spent much of Tuesday in one of Ben and Chloe’s favourite co-working spaces - WeWork. As well as having a team photo shoot in this beautiful location, we spent much of our time here focusing on the future of Cone.


In addition to wanting to show us how much Ben and Chloe genuinely value each one of us, one of their intentions with the workation was for us to brainstorm the future growth of Cone as a team - to encourage us to collaborate our ideas on where we can go in the future. One of the things we all sincerely love about being part of the Cone Squad is that our opinions and suggestions are always considered, and it’s one of the many amazing things that come with working for a small business - it’s a team effort and a team journey.


We each spent some time brainstorming ideas for what we see further down the road for Cone and then presented our thoughts to the rest of the team. It was exciting to listen to everyone's ideas as we all have different roles within Cone, so in addition to giving us a deeper insight into what each of our roles includes on a daily basis, it was eye-opening to see what possibilities lie in the future within different areas of the business.


This was such a rewarding experience; there was such a sense of encouragement and support, we each believed in each other's ideas, and it was so refreshing to see that ultimately, we all share the same vision. Sharing the same vision is so important in working towards the same goals as a team.


During our time spent at WeWork, we also had a masterclass from Chloe in managing anxiety; she taught us about vision boards, manifestation, meditating and so much more. This was such a wonderful experience, even in the short few months that I’ve been a part of the Cone Squad, it is so clear how much importance is placed on our happiness, mindset and wellbeing.


Experiencing Remote Working Abroad


While we were in Barcelona on the #ConeSquadWorkation, Ben and Chloe wanted to give us the opportunity to experience remote working abroad - this is one of the reasons why they love the whole concept of remote working. In creating our itinerary for the week, they set aside free time for us to explore Barcelona on our own, and find a location to settle down in to experience remote working abroad for a few hours.


One of the biggest things we learnt about remote working abroad is that it’s super important to find somewhere will good wifi, especially as we’re cloud-based accountants! Also, air conditioning in hot countries is a must. One of the amazing things about remote working is that you have the freedom to find somewhere you can work efficiently and comfortably. You’re not restricted to one chair all day, and you get the flexibility and freedom to break up your routine, how best suits you and your style of working. We really enjoyed this experience and highly recommend trying remote working if you have the opportunity to do so.


The Spa


Our time in Barcelona was split between work and play - I mean, it was a workation after all. We spent the Wednesday morning in one of the most calming and serene locations, Ben and Chloe’s favourite Spa, Aire de Barcelona. The spa is full of beautiful bathing pools; the baths are located underground in the city of Barcelona, with tea and water throughout.


We spent our time relaxing in the jacuzzi, enjoying the tranquil aromas in the sauna, and dipping from pool to pool in the warm, hot, and sometimes freezing, baths. We collectively agree that the salt pool was perhaps the highlight of our experience in Aire de Barcelona. Never before have we experienced such a weightless feeling - the ultimate place of relaxation and requiescence.


One of the truly wonderful aspects of spending the workation in a city that is so close to the hearts of Ben and Chloe is that they could share with us all of the things they love about the city!


What Have We Learnt?


The Cone workation was a tremendous learning experience for each one of us. As a team, we got the opportunity to bond; we became more involved in the growth of Cone and had the experience of presenting our ideas to the rest of the group, and it refreshed our mindsets that ultimately, we are one and we are all working with the same vision in mind; we gained new skills in managing anxiety, how vision boards can help you manifest the life you want, and how to look after your mindset and wellbeing; we learnt about what makes an excellent remote working space and how it can benefit our work; and ultimately, we feel so valued as individuals and as a team.


We highly recommend experiencing a workation if the opportunity ever arises, and we hope you love your experience as much as we have loved ours!


In the meantime, make sure to catch up on the rest of the blog series on our Workation from a Marketing Point of View, and a CEO and Founder point of view.


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About the author


Evie Cox is the Virtual Office Manager here at Cone. She loves wearing many hats in her role, with day to day jobs ranging from general office admin, developing graphic content for web and social media, and writing the odd blog here and there.


Evie loves yoga and meditation, being beside the sea, and shares her home office with her JackWeenie pup!