The Sleeping Routine For A Nourishing Sleep

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Ah, sleep. It is a highly spoken about topic, isn't it?

The thing with sleep as an entrepreneur is that it is typically the first thing that goes when you get busy.

Especially if you are managing a family life too.

And although we know how important it is, we rarely introduce a routine or a system to help us get the most out of our precious hours of shut-eye.

So, we wanted to share a sleep routine that you can integrate and blend with your lifestyle, that will help promote a good nights sleep. Let’s start with an hour before you go to sleep.

An hour before you go to sleep...

An hour before bed is the time to minimise your electronics, I am sure that has come to no surprise to you as the blue light from our devices can really mess with our melatonin.

I like to pair this with the ritual of making herbal tea. Now personally, as a tea fanatic, I prefer to make my own sleep-promoting tea blend.

It consists of:

  • 1 part lavender.

  • 1 part rose.

  • 1 part lemon balm.

Steep for 5 minutes and enjoy. But I also like to mix it up so here are some of my other favourites that you should give a try.

T2 Sleep Tight Tea.

This tea blend is ready-made, and you can get it here, from our favourite tea shop, T2.

Golden Cinnamon + Lavender Milk

Simply heat a cup of milk (we use oat milk) on low heat. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon, a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of dried lavender.

This ritual signifies the start of the 'sleep-time routine'. Once you have built up the habit, you will soon start to feel more in the 'mindset' of sleep both physically and mentally.

Half an hour before you go to sleep…

Around half an hour before you want to go to sleep, you will want to 'set the scene' for rest. Here are some suggestions:

Get your accessories in order.

Get your eye mask out ( we adore a silk mask. You can get lovely ones from here), open a window to ventilate the room and spray your linen and bedroom with a pillow spray.

Turn on the essential oils diffuser.

An essential oil diffuser disperses essential oils into the air so that you can breathe in their natural scent. Here are a few of our favourite blends.

  • Lavender and rose, for a calming, yet uplifting scent.  

  • Lavender and eucalyptus, to improve your breathing. You can discover some of the benefits here.

Notice the plants. As Patch Plants says it: 'They’re not just pretty faces — houseplants are also pretty nifty air purifiers'. Which makes them the perfect addition to any room, especially your bedroom.

15 minutes before...

A Warm Shower and A Cool Room.

The change in temperature helps you physically get ready for bed, and it also acts as an excellent sensory cue.

At this stage, you can add some extra sleep promoting tools such as:

Epsom salts.

Epsom Salts have many benefits amongst the relaxation of muscles (very key for a good nights sleep).

Lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil is my ultimate favourite, and there is a good reason as to why you see it in all of the sleep and relaxation products, it works! If you are taking a shower, you can drop a few drops of the essential oils in the bottom of the shower. The reaction with the steam will create a lovely feel to your shower.

I also like to use this time to light a This Works sleep promoting candle. Not only is the scent of a divine musky aroma, but the candlelit shower or bath is very soothing, and again, acts as a visual cue for relaxation and sleep.

A few minutes before you go to sleep…

We use this journal before we go to sleep. It talks you through a 3 step process:

1. Download.

Clear your mind of any thoughts by journalling anything in your mind. Do not panic about what you have to write; you literally scribble down anything that is on your mind, from things on your to-do list to your hopes and goals.

2. Ask.

Ask or write down anything you wish to get answers on over the next few days. This will bring your focus to the right intentions.

3. Visualise.

Focus on something you want to happen on. Our minds are susceptible before we go to sleep, so it is essential that we focus on the good we want to happen within our lives.

And that is it! That's the routine. I am sure it sounds long winded and lengthy, but in actual fact, it will only be a case of making a few marginal changes.

Most of this routine you will be able to fit within your lifestyle. But what this does do is add a little bit of routine and ritual into your lives which can really prevent decision fatigue and stress.

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