The Thing You Need To Bring Back Into Your Business For Ultimate Happiness

The Thing You Need To Bring Back Into Your Business For Ultimate Happiness.jpeg

We're bringing fun back.

I believe you can have it all.  And here is where you start.

There is, of course, a ‘but’. Well, not so much a ‘but’ rather a way in which to make it happen:

You need to choose what 'having it all' really means to you. You see, whether it is working from home and being able to be with your children, or whether it is running a successful business and travelling the world.

You need to know what is important to you, for where you are at in your life right now.

And that is not about making a sacrifice, and that is not to say your focus can never change, you just need to work out what it is that will make you happy right now.

People have their own businesses for many reasons.

This reason, paired with purpose and passion is what will drive you.

But here is the thing. Somewhere along the line, you may have forgotten to have fun.

What happens when we have fun in our business?

  • We attract people, clients and opportunities that match the energy we are putting out into the world.

  • We are more creative as there is less pressure when we are having fun, we allow ourselves to look at situations from a more positive outlook.

What happens when we do not have fun in our business?

  • Everything feels like a chore.

  • You get out of alignment with your ideal customer.

  • The creative process is removed from your life.

So how do you bring fun back into your business? Well, as it happens, that is exactly what we are going to dive into now.

Outsource what you do not enjoy.

If you do not enjoy a task, evaluate whether it is really worth your time and energy drain to do it. Can you outsource it?

Tasks such as:

  • Errands.

  • Your food shopping.

  • Your bookkeeping.

Are all are tasks that could be outsourced, which can help you bring back the fun.

The “I get to” Attitude.

When you look at your to-do list from a place of ‘I get to do ‘X’’ your perception of the said task will change.

  • I get to take my children to school.

  • I get to cook breakfast for myself.

  • I get to produce new products or services to my clients.

Can you see how much lighter things feel and shift when you change your language to ‘I get to’?

Streamline The Processes

Get a handle on your processes and systems.

Yes, that may not be fun, but it is fundamental to bring back the fun into your life. Not to mention the element of saving more time so that you can spend it on what you enjoy and do best.

An Automatic Reply

Set up an automatic reply, which will direct the email in the right place. This way you will allow you to set other people’s expectations and will prevent you from feeling like you are always required to be in 7 different places at once.


I know you are busy and I know you feel like you have no time or perhaps even no motivation but sometimes by thinking about new things can bring your passion and mojo back for what it is that you do.


Journaling is something we talk about a lot here over here at Cone, and that is because it is incredible how something so simple ( and free) can help.

Mindmap and have a think about how you can bring fun back into your life.

Perhaps a retreat, a change in routine, making your business more personal and so on. Our biggest tip is to start writing and see what comes out. Do not try and fight it, or edit your thoughts. Just let it flow.


Sometimes when we get so stuck in our businesses, we do not allow fun to flow. We feel guilty for relaxing, but we need to think of it as recharging.

You are recharging your energy so that you can accomplish more. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

The Takeaway

The main takeaway we want you to get from this is you are not alone, and it is not abnormal to find that the fun has been sucked out of your business.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, the reduction of fun can creep in at any stage.

But the good news? You have the power to bring it back.

Make it your mission to do so over the next week or so! You got this.

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About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is a keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurious destinations.