4 Time Management Methods

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I am not going to lie. I have always been SO awful with time management. With a background in recruitment and marketing, it was easy to lose time here and there. But all that has to change when you start working on creating your empire.

 But, if I am honest it was something I struggled with.

People think working from home or working remotely means that you don't work much, and with no one setting me deadlines, it was up to me to set them.

That's when the saying 'be your own boss' really develops meaning. And not because you can give yourself time off in the middle of the day (because you can- freedom is a beautiful thing) but that time needs to be made up somewhere else, or you have to work smarter.

Now I am not moaning nor am I trying to put you off being an entrepreneur. But what I wanted to do is share some very easy but useful time management and productivity methods with you that I have personally utilised and loved. So here we go...

The batching method

Batching is designating a set period (a few hours or a day) to do one type of thing. For example writing a batch worth of blogs. It's a great tool as it allows you to be focussed and you do not waste time flitting from one task to another. Find out more about batching here...

The power hour method.

Power hours are my new favourite thing. They allow me to get half a days work done in an hour. Why? Because I am so focused, I do not waste time thinking about what to do next, and people know not to disturb me. Check out '8 Ways A Power Hour Can Help You' and our 'Power Hour tips'.

The Pomodoro method.

I am sure you have all heard of this method. Essentially you work for 25 minutes, entirely uninterrupted and then have a 5-minute break which is compulsory. Those 5 minutes are best to spend doing something mindfully, so you feel refreshed, but if you want to check Facebook, that break is the time to do it, not during your 25 minutes of working time. The more sessions you do, the longer the break. There are so many great apps, but this site explains it a little better.

This link is a simple but good timer. 

The Cliff Hanger Method: Leaving work half finished.

Leaving work unfinished may sound counter productive but hear me out! Have you ever watched a show and they leave it at the good bit, and you cannot wait to see the next episode? Well, apply this idea to your work. When you are right in the middle of a task, for example, a blog post, and you know what the next 3 points will be, leave it for the next day or after lunch. You will be eager to get back to it, and it will help you get back into the working groove. Not only this, but half a job to finish is less intimidating than one mammoth task.

So that's my 4 methods of working that have genuinely helped me not only get stuck in but get started with work (as we all know that's the hardest bit). Let me know if any of these methods help you and in the meantime why not check out how you can improve your office energy.


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.