Time Management Tip: Batching

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So far, as part of our #LiveLife campaign we have looked at ways you can save time and get a work-life balance. On the final month of the campaign, we look at how we can help you improve. Whether that be implementing systems, rocking it on Instagram. In this blog, we wanted to discuss ‘batching’, a concept that we discovered from reading Melyssa Griffin’s Blog.

What is batching?

Batching is essentially doing a whole load of the same tasks in one go. You allocate a day or part of a day to do a whole month's worth of work. For example writing a month’s worth of blogs or a month’s worth of social media content. Identify what you do throughout the month that can be compressed into a day or so.

Why does it work?

So why does this method work? As you are working on a recurring task that would ordinarily be interrupted many times by other people, or a wandering mind, there is a lot of time that gets lost. This method allows a concentrated focus to this ‘batch’ of tasks and in turn increases the chance that the work links nicely.

Melyssa mentions in her post ‘30 minutes on a blog post, followed by 20 minutes writing emails, then 60 more minutes back to your blog post, then 10 minutes scrolling Facebook, and so on’ could waste a lot of time. By working in batches, your mind has only one thing to focus on.

How To Implement Batching: The Recipe

Step 1: Write a list of everything you do throughout the month

Step 2: Look at all the tasks that are duplicated.

Step 3: Identify how long the tasks are taking you throughout the month. Time yourself and remember, to be honest with yourself!

Step 4: Set aside the same amount of time to do the tasks in one go, identify whether batching the tasks is a quicker method.

Step 5: If so calendarize time in the diary to batch the tasks. Repeat this process with all of your ‘batchable’ tasks.
Let us know how you get on, and what you have used batching for, if we like the idea we shall share it with our followers!


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.