What To Journal In The Morning For A More Fulfilling Day


People often think that journaling has to take up a lot of their time in order to benefit from it.


But this really is not the case.


Journaling is like any other tool that you use to enhance your life; it can be used as little or as often, as you need.


We speak about journaling a lot here at Cone as we strongly do believe that it has an abundance of benefits.


So the question remains: why are some people still not journaling?


There are three main reasons as to why this is:


The person does not know what to journal about, they do not feel they have the time (like we just mentioned) or they do not see the benefits.


Well, first off, we are going to address the benefits. Journaling allows you to work through problems, be there for yourself and clear your mind. But we have spoken about the three main reasons why you should be journaling as an entrepreneur, which you can check out here.


So, let's see if we can remove the other two reasons for resistance.

In this post, we are going to focus more on the morning journaling practice.


In the morning you have just woken up, you have a whole day ahead of you. So it makes sense to start the day right. Have you ever found that the very first few things you do in the morning can dictate your whole day?


Now the reason why people sometimes find that journaling doesn’t work for them is that they are not journaling the questions that serve them.


And of course, there needs to be a purpose.  A ‘why’.

So with each journaling idea activity, we have given you a result as to what you can expect to get out of doing said activity.


We are starting with free flow.


Free Flow.

Result: This tool helps you clear and free your mind. It can also reduce decision fatigue.


Get everything off your mind and check in with yourself. Free flow journaling is a time to clear the mind. When we wake in the morning, we often grab our phones and wearily progress through our day.


But imagine if we checked in with ourselves first. Imagine if we took note of how we are feeling and then adjusted our morning or our day to suit.


We could tailor our routine to work for us. Maybe one day we need to get some high vibe food into us. Maybe one day we need to do some exercise. Maybe one day we need to have an extra hour in bed.


Free flow journalling is merely writing whatever is on our mind at the time and letting flow out of us, and onto the paper.


What’s on your mind?

How was your sleep?

Did you dream of anything that you want to release?

Is there anything that you keep forgetting to do. Like ‘pick up milk’.


If any action points do arise when you free flow write, mark that section with a star and keep on going, do not leave the writing flow to go and deal with the said thing as it will only make it harder for you to come back into free flow writing state. Free flow writing should not take up too much time. It should be effortless and quick as all you are doing it writing what’s on your mind. Some days there will be a lot to write and other days not so much.


When you are finished, you can pop reminders on your phone or add tasks that arose to your calendar.

Free flow journaling can save a lot of time in the long run and can prevent decision fatigue.



Result: Allows you to manifest more of what you want into your life.


This next point is a form of manifestation and life design.

Gratitude for what you have and what you desire is vital.

People often ask, how can I be thankful for what I have and to still get more.


Gratitude is the answer.


If you are trying to manifest something in your life, be grateful for it. Being thankful for what you desire but do not yet have is a tool within the manifestation toolkit.  It allows you to start feeling the feelings of the version of you that already has it; therefore manifesting it into your life quicker. There is a little more to it, but for now, be grateful for all that you have in your life that brings you joy and for the future things, experiences and people that will bring you joy.



Result: Day planning that fulfils you.


The third and final thing to journal in the morning offers more of a logical and organisational view.


Here are our top three points to journal in the morning to promote a more organised day:


  1. Top 3 things that are most important to do

  2. Top 3 things that would make today great.

  3. Top 3 things that you are grateful for.


These points are simple, but they ensure you are focusing on what is important in life, instead of being bogged down with the daily grind.


We hope that after reading this post you have got some inspiration, or at least you know what you can journal to get certain results.

If you are looking for other ways to improve your morning, be sure to check out our previous post 'How To Learn Every Day' as well as '4 Lists To Make For A More Organised Life'.


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