Why and How To Give Money A Purpose


This post in our money mindset series is going to have strong links to our goal setting series. It is all about giving money a purpose by knowing what money you want, what money you need.  

Giving money a purpose is a very powerful thing to do. You should know by now if you ahem been following our series that money is energy.

So by giving it a purpose, you are ultimately directing that energy. Ensuring that it doesn’t go elsewhere.


Now let’s delve into it!

You need to give money a purpose so first off you need to know exactly how much money you need.

Money You Need

  • To survive. 
  • To support your dependents.
  • To uphold your life.

So, of course, you need to eat, have shelter, water, warmth all of that survival elements. You also have to provide this for your dependants and any other areas of your life, for example, paying off debts.

But more excitingly there is what you want.

Money You Want

  • For the lifestyle you desire. 
  • To pay for business development, you wish to do.
  • For the opportunities, choice and freedom.

This is the fun stuff, the travel, the exotic food, the private schooling, whatever it is you want more money for.

Although it is the fun bit, it can also be the more difficult bit. Why?


Because what you want, is limitless. So we recommend journalling this part. Really delve into your true wants, do you want to move to another country, have a daily massage or write a book?

Making a list will also make them real, something physical. 


When you are creating your money goals, make sure that they are fulfilling to you. Have money goals for impact goals, for monetary goals and personal goals (read more about this here).

Once you have thought about the purpose, then you need to practice the art of visualisation. For some of you this will be old news, but to others, this will be completely new territory. 

Pick one of the thing that you want money for.

Start thinking about how you would feel when it is granted to you. 
How would you feel? How would you act? How would it affect your every day? No detail is too small.


You can do visualisation in so many ways and in so many places. One place that is popular is in the shower. People feel safe there. They feel calm. They are relaxed. That is why it is a very popular place to visualise!


Try it now! Work through the steps that we have mentioned and then set some time aside where you can safely visualise (do not do this whilst driving a car). Try it. A little, every day. You will soon get stronger at visualisation and it will become easy for you!


About the author

Chloe Slade is the Marketing Manager here at Cone and focuses on creating content that brings business and lifestyle together. Chloe is keen makeup lover,  foodie and loves to work from luxurous destinations.