Why You Should Be Going To More Events And How To Find The Good Ones

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We all know that networking at events is big in the business world.

As the saying goes, ‘It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know’.

The thing with events is that you will always take something of value home with you (and I don’t just mean the free swag, although we really love that). Whether its knowledge and advice, motivation or community you’re looking for, events are the perfect place to go.

With the recent announcement that we are launching quarterly events, we thought it was time to let you know why we think you should be going to more events, and how you can find the good ones!

Gaining Access To Knowledge, Advice and Tips

Most events are comprised of panel discussions and a keynote speaker, among the usual mingling and networking.

Panel discussions are so valuable because you’re getting so much knowledge, advice and tips from so many people who are typically very successful at what they do.

The panel discussions are usually followed by a Q & A session, which gives you the opportunity to ask specific questions you wouldn’t often get the chance to ask.

Motivation and Inspiration

At times it’s just too easy to slip into a rut that you just. can’t. get. out. of.

We find that going to events can help get your motivation and inspiration flowing again, whether that be from chatting with other guests, listening to panel discussions or keynote speakers.

When the team attended XeroCon late in 2018, the keynote speaker on the first day was Ben McBean, a former Royal Marine Commando, whose life changed in 2008 when he stepped onto a landmine and lost his left arm and right leg.

Following his incredibly inspiring talk about recovery and survival, success and determination, Ben received the only standing ovation of the event - his speech made us rethink our priorities, and reminded us where to focus our efforts.

Attending an event is one of the best ways to reignite your motivation and inspiration.

Getting Exclusive Updates and Announcements

Another reason we loved XeroCon so much is because of all of the exclusive updates and announcements we got! Getting exclusive updates keep you ahead of the game, and helps us provide the most value to our clients, by knowing what apps are coming into the market, what updates are being made within Xero, and knowing what we can use to serve you best.

Events like XeroCon also have some of the best app partners on site. You know us, we can’t get enough of apps that increase productivity levels and streamline your processes.

And yes, we also loved our swag bags!


I don’t think it’s much of a coincidence that I was offered my two most recent positions from attending events.

The first time I met Ben and Chloe was at the first Cone event, Let’s Grow with Cone Accounting.

From there, my previous role had me in regular contact with Cone, and following the end of my degree, I was offered a position at Cone - YAY!

What I’m getting at is that you never know who else might be attending an event, or who could offer you the opportunity to help you take your business to where you want it to go.

Meet Likeminded Others

We all know that the day-to-day life of entrepreneurship can be lonely.

Going to events gives you the chance of meeting like-minded people who will be on the same journey as you, who you may not have met otherwise.

We know so many entrepreneurs and small business owners who have built small communities of likeminded others through attending events, whether that be keeping in touch digitally, or meeting up to co-work together and chat over coffee.

So, we’ve shared why we love events so much; now we’re going to tell you about the best places to find the best events!

Word Of Mouth

What better way to discover an event than by word of mouth? You instantly know whether attending the event will be a valuable investment of your time or not!


EventBrite is probably one of the more obvious places to find events and one we expect most people will have heard of.

We love the location search feature in EventBrite - it’s so useful in finding events in your local area that wouldn’t otherwise show up.

We also love that they show you events similar to others that you’ve shown interest in so that you can find the right events to help you create your community and grow your business in the way you want to.


Instagram has become one of the most significant marketing tools, and it’s a platform we love for so many reasons.

Instagram Stories has become one of the best tools in the social media world - with its ‘behind the scenes’ vibe, your followers get a real insight into your business, and we like to use this to promote our events, whether that be by creating fun GIFs or talking face to camera telling you all about it.

I regularly see small business owners I follow sharing their upcoming events on Instagram Stories, and they easily direct you to the right place to purchase your tickets with either a swipe-up link or by having the link in their bio.


Facebook is also one of those places we often expect to see events being promoted.

We love the Events feature - with events schedules easily accessible, you know exactly what to expect and instantly have an idea of what value you’re going to get from the event.

One of the scariest things about attending events is often you may be attending the event on your own. We love that Facebook tells you who else is attending the events, so perhaps you can meet up before the event, or you can find someone you would like to be introduced with on the day!

If you’re interested in attending an event and not sure where to start, make sure to follow us on Instagram to see our regular event-based Stories and join us at our next event!

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