Why Your Wellness Is Important To Be Successful

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Creating a work and lifestyle blend that you love is rightly at the heart of Cone and everything we do.

We thrive by being innovative entrepreneurs and remote workers, who spend each day doing what we love while living a lifestyle we love!

For too long, doing well has been prioritised over being well. In a world of being ‘busy’ all. of. the. time. to be successful, we’ve lost sight of our wellness too many times.

Wellness is something we regularly discuss and work on as a team, and we want to share this with you!

From developing mantras to live by, to changing your food habits, and implementing positive habits like journaling and practising yoga each day, there are so many different ways you can support your wellness for success.

“For too long, doing well has been prioritised over being well. In a world of being ‘busy’ to be successful, we’ve lost sight of our wellness too many times.”

Digital Detox

As entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s reasonable to assume that much of your time is spent looking at either your laptop or phone.

With Apple’s new ‘Screen Time’ and ‘Pick Ups’ features - it’s alarming to realise how much time we are actually spending captivated by these small screens, whether that’s replying to boundless emails or scrolling through the ‘Gram.

All of this screen time can disrupt your sleep, cause back and neck issues, and even damage your skin from the prolonged exposure to the blue light.

Our top tips:

  1. Make use of the ‘Downtime’ and ‘App Limits’ within the Screen Time feature of your phone, and turn off your notifications! Not only will this reduce your screen time, but it will also improve your productivity and reduce distractions.

  2. Enable ‘Light Shift’ on your phone and laptop, so even if you’re busy working late into the night or scrolling through Instagram while you’re in bed, the ambient lighting will have less of an impact on your quality of sleep.

  3. Be present in the moment - leave your phone in your pocket and live life a little less through your camera lens.

Using Mindset Against Burnout

How often do you practice mindfulness?

Whether you practice yoga daily or take 5 minutes sat outdoors to 'be' for a moment, without any distractions, your mindset is a powerful tool.

Life can become overwhelming, and it’s healthy to take a short amount of time to breathe and clear your mind.

Our favourite ways to practice mindfulness:

  1. Guided mindfulness sessions with the Calm app - if you know us, you know we LOVE an app! Calm is one of our favourite mindfulness apps and is great for beginners.

  2. Take a walk outside in the middle of your workday. I take my puppy out for a walk at lunchtime every single workday, whether it’s for 15 minutes or an hour. I return to my laptop with a clear mind and more action.

  3. As an entrepreneur or remote worker, you can decide when your work hours, so take full advantage of this and spend your morning however you want to. I’m a night-owl turned early-bird, and I love getting up early to get started on my to-do list, but there is nothing I love more than taking things a little slower on Friday mornings, whether that’s staying in bed for a while longer or indulging in an episode of Friends before I start to tackle that to-do list.

Follow us on Pinterest to see what mindfulness tips and affirmations we’re loving.

An Attitude For Gratitude

A few years ago, I read a blog post and a book, when something clicked - I needed to change my outlook on a few things.

How often do you have an attitude for gratitude? What would you do if everything you didn’t show gratitude for today, was no longer in your life tomorrow?

Keeping a Gratitude Journal is something I began doing in the summer of 2017, and this is when I noticed one of my most significant mindset shifts.

Going from a negative outlook and coming from a place of lack of the things - material or otherwise - that I didn’t have, I changed my perspective to being grateful for all of the beautiful people who make each day better than the last, and for all of the things I already have and get to experience.

Would you believe me if I said that from this, came things that I had been longing for?

Our favourite journals:

  1. 90 Day Manifestation & Mindset Goal Setting: The Journal, by Vibe and Flow

  2. Gratitude Journal: Inspiration, by Kikki.k

  3. The 6-Minute Diary | 6 Minutes a Day for more Mindfulness, Happiness and Productivity, by UrBestSelf

Human Interaction

We were recently asked on a tweet about remote working, “Does it ever get hard to motivate yourself? How do you make sure you get enough human interaction?”

We are huge advocates of the remote working lifestyle, and while there are so many things we love about it, we can’t ignore the fact that your human interaction is mostly limited to emails and phone calls.

Our work lifestyle is different from many others as we don’t work in a typical office setting, but we ensure that we see each other enough by having weekly stand up meetings via Zoom, monthly team meetups in the evenings, monthly 1:1s and co-working days, celebrating each others birthdays with meals in our favourite restaurants, and of course our annual workation.

Our favourite ways to get enough human interaction:

  1. Get outdoors, whether that’s as a dog walk like we mentioned earlier or making sure you at least get out of the house once a day.

  2. Co-Work with other members of your team, other entrepreneur friends, or just at your local coffee shop. The buzz of other people working around you will give you a fresh hit of inspiration and motivation.

  3. One of our favourite ways to meet new people or others we already know is to attend events. We love attending events like our annual trip to XeroCon, and we also love hosting our quarterly events, bringing together our community of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and our team!

Next Steps

So, how do you keep on top of your wellness for success?

We would love to know if you have any tips we may be missing out on, and we would also LOVE for you to come to our next event, Wellness For Success, with Cone Accounting! Will we see you there?

So take action now. Do that one thing that moves your life and business blend forward.

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Evie Cox is the Virtual Office Manager here at Cone. She loves wearing many hats in her role, with day to day jobs ranging from general office admin, developing graphic content for web and social media, and writing the odd blog here and there.


Evie loves yoga and meditation, being beside the sea, and shares her home office with her DaxiJack pup Rosie!